Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp Meme Day 3

When I was working as a substitute teacher in the High School I always loved the library that Paul Sivals runs. He always has had a great respect for books, (which are just being pushed out of librarys to make room for "media" items.) Most of the students I had that had to do some kind of report never looked in a book, but only used the Internet to get their information. I love that my grandsons love books. They love to read them and look at them and learn from them. Must be great parenting.
I noticed that Mr. Sivals had a great collection of large books of the battles of the Civil War. Even though we are studying the colonial time period I know Wy loves the info about that war. He knew so many of the battles and what happened. I was really impressed and impressed that he took the time to look at the books. Also, I wanted to take them to the High School to show them around where I had worked. They are so good and polite especially in the morning, that I knew they would enjoy seeing other places where there are great books. Of course having the library all to ourselves was just fantastic as we soon had a maze we had to run round in.

These boys are just amazing and so ready to help out.
Well almost ready to help out. At Wally World I saw a friend and we began to talk and this is what I saw when I looked back at them. Very patient, but still "please Meme, enough talking already! We have Mac & Cheese to make and we are hungry boys!"

As the water was boiling for the mac & cheese, the boys put the pictures from Day 2 into their notebooks. I had covered some writing tablets with wallpaper and each boy has a pack of colored pencils. They can use the notebooks to draw in or write in, but I like that they can use them as a scrapbook about Camp Meme. What I mean is they can glue (this we ran out of the first day because glue needs to be spread all over the back of your picture don't you know, so we opted to use tape instead) all the day before pictures into their books. I try to give each boy some of the same pics and some different pics so they have a variety of pictures in their notebooks.
Really this kind of scrapbooking is my kind of scrapbooking. Very down to earth, no frills or bells. Just pics and drawings.
At last the mac & cheese is done. Ain't it great!

Another game of baseball minus one.

For our craft, I suggested we make whistles out of clay.Because in the colonial days (are you tired of hearing me say this phrase yet?) they had to make everything for themselves. First we have to make the clay. This involves mixing, which involves machinery. See, this is what really attracts men to be chefs. They get to use power tools in the kitchen. Varoom, Varoom.

" The glob will take over the world!"

Rolling, rolling, rolling keep those pins a rolling.

" My whistle will be the greatest." It is now an official race to see who can get their whistle done fastest. (It is just genetics. the sooner you learn to deal with it the happier you will be.)
The whistles have to dry so tomorrow we will see if we have been successful in our musical instrument making.
Press play to see how boys turn jars of cream into butter. Like the song says, "Why didn't I think of that?" When you are a Meme you work smarter not harder.

We finally get our butter made and all this time I thought I would have to teach them how to make it, but lo and behold boys will be boys and churn their own way.

The mad scientist must find out why, why does water go down!
Obi's old cell still has some games on it. Kool! Boys are in free time as Meme toils over a hot stove of fried chicken, homemade biscuits, fresh gravy, & roasted corn on the cob. Oh and fresh sweet tea, yes sweet tea is a hit at Camp Meme

Swimming at OBU. The warm up pool was shallow enough to use as a small person private pool.

The noodles provide a lot of fun.

Meme is enjoying being in water and swimming and having fun with the grandsons, but we must go home to get ready for bed. The camp counselors are feeling like they have been camp counselors forever!
Back at the ole home stead, we must read two more chapters of Wilderness Journey to see what does Flan do in his perilous situation.


Nathaniel said...

That was a full day. You are a trooper!

YoMJ said...

Yes a trooper with all the authority invested in me by the Camp president!



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