Monday, July 28, 2008

Camp Meme

The first picture from Mi

Since we were studying Indians, with the emphasis on the Caddos at Camp Meme, first order was to go blackberry picking. So Camp Director found a pick-ur-own farm not far from the drop off.

Obi picks with Wy and Mi

We finish and the Indian/Farmers are headed for Main Camp.

At Camp Meme, the Camp Assistant leads us every morning in unfurling the flag and saying the pledge.

In the Mess Hall, we cool off with some great watermelon.

We cool off at the pool. Thanks Juju.

What would a trip to Camp Meme be without a trip to the local Library for research into Indian life, and of course a sit down on the Civil War cannon!

We not only have craft time, we have cook time at Camp Meme. Wy shucks the corn and the boys cut the corn off the cob for corn bread.

The local Museum has more info on the local indians and of course airplanes.

Mi wants to be in the court room.

So off to the Judge at the local courthouse. Mi's favorite.

Boys at the Courthouse.

Swimming again, cause it is just too blame hot not to!

The Juju is the greatest.

The Indian Village was a hit.

The Council is taking a vote.

The Warriors pick their tribe mascots.

Back at Camp Meme the Warriors dress in fighting gear.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Doors

Ever noticed how many doors are at junktique stores? I found these doors at a Habitat for Humanity re-use shop. More doors than you might think. Makes me think philosophically that we get rid of more doors than we thought we would. Doors leading into other rooms are now being torn down, because those rooms are being refigured. Mmmmm, must ponder on this state of rehab.

OK I haven't been blogging lately. These are the reasons: My back went out and then the grandchildren came to visit. So that is that and besides we were off for a week and now we are on again with our classes.

We are to write our Business Concept. It is supposed to be the basis for our feasibility plan. A feasibility plan is the plan you hand in to the BANK. It will tell the bank you have thought all this out. You will look very informed and highly intelligent and by-jee and by-golly you can be trusted with their money to start a business.

OK, here are some things to think about, Who, what, when, where, why & how much. We are back in school with an English lesson. Yes folks, this is a 'larnin' experience.

Here is a really great statement, (no really, it makes you think.) A successful entrepreneur can clearly describe the precise nature of their business.

"If you cannot describe your concept, then, potential suppliers, potential customers, potential lenders and potential resource team members (maybe they are talking about venture capitalists here) may wonder if you really have a clear idea of what you want to do. People will not conduct business with a company if they think the owner doesn't have a clear idea of what it is he or she is doing."--They got a point.

When I had little kids we would all go to the store, (you know homeschoolers have to have a learning experience in everything we do). Yes, I said all four of them went to the store with me alone! They would ask if I would buy them this toy or that piece of clothing, (we had at one time: a preschooler, a gradeschooler, a middleschooler, and a highschooler so all their desires were very different) I would say no, and their reply was I'll pay you back when we get home. Like duh! I knew these kids didn't have any money cause when they went with their dad he let them buy junk with their money. But I digress.

So I do understand and greatly appreciate people who will lend their money to other people who want to start a company. But please don't mistake an investment as free money, oh no. It has longer apron strings than my mother in laws apron. Yes-sir-reedy-bob. When someone gives you money they want something in return, and it isn't always a return on their investment. That is why most politicians become someone who is dazzled by the big bucks. Business isn't always that bad, but believe me, money talks, and it don't say "I'm Free."

So you think all this talk about money is really crass and somewhat unnecessary? After all if you are meant to be in business it will all fall into place. Well, that is what this course is helping me to do. THINK REAL! To test the business plan on paper before I take any of that paper money. If I can work it out now and have realistic expectations then neither I nor the Bank will panic.

I want to enjoy my business. I want to know who, what, when, where, why & how much, so I can greet you with an enthusiastic smile. Hello, how may I help you?

I don't want to be running around chasing a barrel full of monkeys.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here is to all the men and women who have served or are now serving in our Military. To you we give a salute.

And then we know it is on to summer.

Enjoy the Holiday and Pray for our Troops.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Life is a job. A business is not a job. It is your life.
Seventh blog about starting a business.

OK, here goes: I must now learn to communicate my Business Concept. In other words I need to know how to change my thinking, (and haven't I done a lot of thinking so far?)

from-What is it I want to do?

Oh I just want to have a little shop where people can browse and find interesting and curious items that will somehow make their day. (Kind of romantic isn't it? I mean who wouldn't want to open something like that? Calmly opening the store and calmly arranging items and calmly enjoying customers and ... Geese who really believes this kind of stuff? We all know it would be work, but I certainly don't know it will be mountainous! This is why I am taking this course. I don't like surprises that are more work for me. You know that cute puppy your child's friend gives him for a birthday present. No thank you.

to- What customers need or want and how will I sell it to them?

OK, here is where I am learning how to put that nebulous idea into reality. Ba-Humbug! Who want to spoil a good daydream with reality? I mean really? Would you get married as fast as you did if you knew that marriage is work? I don't mean labor, that is for later, but a marriage is a job. You have your staff: Husband, dog, cat and children. Did anyone ever tell you that you would be up till 4 am sewing Easter dresses? Did anyone ever tell you that getting along with another person who is very up close and personal was going to be work?

Heck no! And we wouldn't have listened anyway.

I tell my daughters don't go dumb when you fall in love, but I know they will. A great education, great opportunities and boom they go dumb. I'm not really grousing. Just observing, for all those who have little girls. Just remember, even if you think their choice for a husband is not good enough, remember your mother. Yes, and write a "I am sorry letter to your mother. For putting her through all she had to go through with you."

That paragraph didn't have anything to do with starting a business, except if you are a female and you have a husband you may have to work around him. I think most husbands are supportive of ideas we have, if we can get them done by 5 pm have the house clean, the children fed and the dogs and cats groomed. No really. You gotta be realistic about certain things. Hire a maid, get grandma to take the kids a couple days a week, and just have a crazy love life for the guy who supports anything you want to do. After all they married you not a marriage.

Here is a statement. An idea is not a concept. Just the beginning of one. So just thinking you have an idea doesn't move it to the next level.

Here are some statements to consider.

  • What does the product or service do?

Well, I would like to provide shabbily-mid century, vintage decor for people to buy and take home and love. One of the problems I have with selling things is I have protective issues. When I go to a garage sale, or thrift shop I look for the things I love. They are usually items that I have to wash or clean or fix. It is hard to sell them for nothing, because I want the people who want them to buy them. I have orphan issues. Gotta get over that.

How is it different from other products/ services?

My decor would be re purposed items. Items that may have done or looked one way then changed to another way. Vintage items, furniture, wall decor, linens etc. Also I want to be a "finder." A person who can find what you are looking for. Help the customer find someone who can re-purpose it or clean it or reupholster it or fix it somehow. In other words find a home for the lost orphan. See orphan issues again. But that is how I will be different.

Who will buy it?

Now that really is the 64,000 dollar question isn't it. Who will buy it? Will it mostly be locals? Will I need to start a class on how to use vintage in your home. Not a bad idea, just another thing to do. Will I need to take some of my wares to the craft fairs around the state to advertise? Will people who are driving down the interstate want to stop? How will they get items that are large to their homes?

  • Why will they buy it? Is the product or service different from other products/services?

OK I know there have been flea markets around here, but not now. Will this be a good place to start? Do I need to promote a crafts fair in my hometown? Will my products be unique enough for people to drive here just for shopping at my store? Or will they be too unique that it will intrigue those who love it, but have no money, and scare away those who don't love it, but have money?

  • Where will it be sold?
I have a building that I am looking at in the downtown area of my little town,Which is one of the things I have wanted to do to help the downtown area. I love our small town, but it needs unique places to pull people there. Wal mart can provide you with the usual and needed, but a cool downtown can bring people who want to visit a small but creative small town. Nostalgia reigns! But, I also have a great and very creative place that I would love to host a maker faire or crafts fair or just a large flea market fair. It would be sooooo cool. Can't tell ya, cause it is just too cool.

  • When will it be ready to be sold?
I am assuming ASAP. These items I have plenty of and want to sell them. But when is a good question. I guess I will find out as I continue with this course. At least I am hoping it will answer and give me a handle on how to get a building, and stock it and sell, sell, sell!

  • How will it be promoted and sold?
I hope to use Newspapers, local and out of town. The free newspapers, fliers at our local shops and especially at the lake lodge not far from here and the information stations around the state set up for people driving into the state. Maybe even in the college newspapers, but I do know that college students are always poor. So, I welcome their spending, but I don't think I can count on it.

Here is the last thing to note. A business Concept is brief. They want you to think of an elevator conversation. I should be able to describe my business concept in the time it would take me to ride in an elevator to the next floor. YIKES

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Six in the never ending quest to open a business.
Don't you just love this picture of my kitchen window. It was just the perfect day and the perfect picture of a sunny yet cool day.
FORGET ANY MORE OF THAT! Yesterday it hit 90 degrees. I guess we had too good for too long.

Tonight we were supposed to have another class, but the facilitators forgot ELECTION DAY! The place where we have our meetings are being used for election. Did you vote in your primary? Well I did.

We only have Democrats participating in a primary and I am a registered Independent. I know, I know if you think I am a moderate think again. My own children cringe when I get to talking politics, cause I am so conservative. No really! I blame registering as a Independent on my kids. Yep it is all their fault. See, when you have four kids, they want to be involved in everything. Even home schooled kids, want to be a part of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, swim club, 4-H, softball, baseball, basketball, theatre productions, dance, gymnastics; do I have to go on? You know the drill.

Well when we moved here I thought long and hard about joining a political party. Since I am so conservative, you would think I would join the Republicans. Most Democrats here in Arkansas consider themselves conservative, and aren't anything like the national Democrats. Which is a shame cause once someone gets into the national scene they turn into flaming liberals.

Most people actually live like I do. Concern for our families. Concern for our community. Concern for our neighbors. We want people to respect our property, respect our leaders, respect the law so our towns can live peaceably. We just want the government-small or big-to protect us from those who wish to take what isn't theirs. Then stay the heck out of our business. Why do so many in power want to micro manage our lives. Why is that so much better then letting us manage our lives? Do they think we are that stupid? Or is it that they are just bored? Got nothing to do, but meddle.

OK, back to why I registered as an Independent. When you have that many activities with four kids, as a mom or dad, you are always busy. Go, go, go. Drive, Drive, Drive. Give, Give, Give. I just was tired of being the one who baked all the cookies. The one who made the classes for the kids. The one who gave money so other kids could go. I just got tired. I knew if I registered with any party, they would be a-callin. Can you give, give, give? Can you meet, meet, meet? Can you..., can you..., can you...? So there. I voted in the Democratic primary, cause we don't have Republicans in our county. Have you seen the county by county map of how the USA looks as far as voting Rep. or Dem. in the Presidential election in '04? Well my county is one of only a few that is Blue in our state. Yep, I know how to pic 'um!

I will continue to write about my quest for a business even though I don't have any new homework until Thurs night. I found out something today that I have been praying about with concern about my business. (Matter of fact it was at the polling place. God always does that for me, reveals an answer at the most unusual time or place. Maybe God reacts to me like I am. Quirky.) And it has given me a direction. I am glad that I have made some decisions. Feels good to have direction.

Let you know more about it later.

Monday, May 19, 2008

White is light and light is a kite. Feeling of lightweight is the theme. Life is tough and we need a beam-of light.

White paint is one of the things you must invest in if you are going to "re-purpose" items that you want to sell. Here on my front porch are pieces of furniture and baskets all in various stages of white.

Another day of homework.

  • Perceived Need for Product

One of the things this course tells you is about customers. If a customer does not recognize they they need or want the product you have to make "two" sales. One to educate the buyer about the product and second convince the customer to buy it from you.

  • Product ready to sell.

This is one of things I hope to overcome with employees. I will need people who can paint, and paint and paint. It just is too hard to try to do it all yourself. I want to use the locals who already have a craft or gift they need to put to work. And I want to use already established businesses. Our local upholster for one, paint stores for another and maybe even electricians! I would love to have people who love to redo in their expertise be a part of my business.

  • Unlimited product life.

Because I am not going to sell fruits and veggies this won't be as critical, but I realize that decor fashion is fickle. I actually have a Tupperware bowl that is bright yellow, I bought when Jerusalem was a baby. Everyone who sees that bowl can date it, so I know I will have to be up on the newest trends.

  • Proprietary rights

This is to be able to sell patents, trademarks, copyright, or trade secrets etc. Boy if I could find a trade secret concerning chic this and chic that I could make a ton. I am "pondering" again.

  • Limited Government Regulations

Now if I could just get on a soapbox for a moment: Why can't one of the candidates for President say and be believable, " I believe in the American People to make this country great." "You are the greatest people in the world and I want to get Government out of your way so you can make this country great again." "I am here not to do for you, but to let you do for yourself, your family and your friends." " I am here to encourage you in being the greatest citizens in the world." "The greatest workers and thinkers and entrepreneurs in the world." "Together we will bring this country back to it's rightful place as the nation all nations aspire to be." Now that is what I would like to hear.

  • A market that you know is out there.

One of the things using the data base will let us find out is how many people want what we have. No people, no sales, no business.

  • Competition

No competition may mean no one wants your product. Too much competition may mean low profits. Do you have to do the double sale? Educate and sell?

  • Distributing

If I do a business with a lot of furniture I might want to get a mover who will deliver the large items. Actually I have wondered if someone was traveling and bought a dresser how would they get it home if they were in a car? How to find people who would take things if they are going that way or a business that specializes in delivering?

  • Customers purchase more than once

It is easier to sell to repeat customers.

  • Would this business be a great news story

Would people be intimidated in a new kind of decor, or would they be interested in it?

  • Limited Investing in business

If I put a lot of money into this business and it fails, have I lost everything. So maybe I should start small and expand.

  • Continuing revenue stream

Mine would be you need this table to go with the lamp you bought last month. Need customers to return and make repeated purchases.

  • Customers pay before you make it

When you do custom orders, get the payment before hand. If not paid in full get the customer to pay a deposit to cover the costs of products. If they don't buy it after all you have the money paid for the product and could sell to another customer. All this has to be written out for your protection and the customer.

  • Labor

Be careful how you use labor. It is costly to hire and then to fire. Remember the Government is watching. You must do things their way.

  • Dependable source of supply

Hey there are more garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores around here then I can shake a stick at.

  • Getting out

This is one of the things this course emphasises again and again. Know how to leave your business. It is funny, cause you aren't even in yet, and they want you to know how you are going to quit. In other words what will happen financially if you have to or want to quit the business. It can't have so much of your money tied up in it so that you lose any profits you've made from it.

OK gotta get some time to sleep.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

WARNING: Entrepreneur in training.

It occurred to me that I might not have explained that this first week is just the introduction. This is just the 1st chapter, an overview of what is to come. dun, dun, dun, dun.. YIKES! Run away, Run away.

First things first: Look at the beautiful Hydrangea! It is better than showing off your children. Well, almost. I'm so excited. I must thank Judea, my youngest daughter for allowing me to use her camera. My oldest daughter has been using my camera, (while hers is in the shop)which my middle daughter gave me, when she got a newer one. My mom says we never throw anything away we just recycle it. We are the original recyclers. We're not Green we're just drawn that way.

OK, I have been busy this weekend with my new course. This course about how to open a business. The next item is about money.
  • Starting a Business Costs Money.

OK here is where they want us to to know "It takes money to make money!" Well I know that sorta. I must say I am a little clueless on the actual costs. The course says we will have to start spending money two to three months before making your first sale. (That is a long time when you take a risk.) And, you need to have additional money to cover expenses. Where will I get money for star-up and initial operating costs? Two ways are listed. equity and debt. The facilitators talked about using the equity in your home or going to the bank and asking for a loan. Really this course should help with either. If I want to use the equity in my home or get a loan, I need to be realistic about how much moolah I need. Some people are willing to work hard for their business, but putting your home on the line, may be a different subject.

Here are 6 questions they ask:

  1. What about my personal finances? Are they currently in good shape? (Now here they go to meddling.)

  2. Do I know how to manage my money? (Didn't I say I could make a penny cry on both sides?)

  3. What about my personal credit rating- good? (Have they been snooping into my credit card info? That Ronco veg-a-matic, was just a fluke!)

  4. Would I be willing to use saved money to cover expenses? (Saved like becomming a Christian? I gave allready!)

  5. Would I be comfortable borrowing money to cover expenses. (Borrow or Burrow? Do Burrows have to Borrow? Told you I like to ponder.)

  6. Am I a good credit risk? (Good? Good? You know Jesus said only God is Good. I rest my case.)

I need to list 3 things to manage my money.

  1. Set up an account with an accountant. Some things you should just pay for. If you have a hard time with money, or if you are a worrier, like moi', this would be good. I am of the mind that you become the best at what you do and delegate, pay for or just beg someone else to do those things you don't do well. After all there are people who like to do those things you don't do well. We can't be good at everything. Becoming a well rounded person is ok for school, and manners, but somethings you will get into trouble putting things off.

  2. Don't talk about money with relatives or friends. OK, this isn't really about managing money, except we sometimes think it is ok to share with our family some of the things going on in our lives. I know some people think it is ok to borrow from family members, but I think it is very risky. I don't need to further complicate my relationships that are dear or just close by.

  3. Be realistic in my judgement about how much money I need. One of the facilitators in the class says that most people underestimate how much they need. So I want to be informed. INPUT I need INPUT
  • Starting a Business involves Risk Taking.

Here are some questions about taking a financial risk. What is the worst scenario that could happen? What is the best that could happen? Will I regret not giving it a try? (To me this is what I am really grappling with.) Can I walk away if it fails? (How do people fail again and again and save face? I'm not sure I can do that.

OK, I have more homework to do, but I just wanted to share the most exciting thing is we get to use a database search for our business plans. One of the facilitators told me that a colleague looked up shabby chic and couldn't find it. Well, he just didn't look in the right place. I put in shabby chic and found at least 180 articles about shabby chic.

This is my collage I am supposed to do to show what I would like my shop to look like.

Not that that is the total look for my shop. I probably will start there, because it is easy to paint everything white, but I'm sure I will evolve quickly into my look, which is mid-century meets shabby chic. I love the funky colors of mid-century, and I love how you can redo things to look shabby chic.

And I get to find out all that info about how many business there are in our county. What sells and how many people buy on an annual basis home decor. (Not many according to these statistics. Is that a good thing or bad thing?)

So I have been busy. This is a great class and if you have a SBA around you, you should look them up to see if they offer anything like this. Especially if losing your shirt or having headaches isn't your cup of tea.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Three, Instruction in starting your own business.

WHAT AM I IN FOR? The Life of an Entrepreneur

Starting a business Takes Time, Do I want to dedicate 60 to 80 hours per week for a business?

Am I a self starter. Well yes and no. I have such great ideas, yet they take me 3 times as long to fulfill them.; Do I usually follow through on what I set out to do? Yes only it takes me 3 times as long as others.; Do I tend to put off things I don't like or want to do? Well duh! Can I get back to you on that?; Do I usually accomplish what I set out to do? Yes again. It takes me 3 times as long.; Am I physically able to work long hours. This one has me concerned. I feel strong, but hey I'm a grandma for goodness sake.; Do I have any health concerns that need to be taken into account? Not yet!

So I need to decide how much time will be spent on my business. They say 60-80 hours. Am I really willing to work that long? I'm not sure. My side of the family is not known for long hours of toil. We are dogged, but not extremely hardy folk. I need to read a book on time management. Recommended: Market Based Management. Gotta order that soon. Hey did I say soon, I meant tomorrow. OK I'll look on Amazon for it tonight. Yikes, the new one is $127.99, some other used ones start at $14.95. Which should I get? Is that managing your money wisely? I can make a penny cry on both sides, now that is managing your money. Maybe I should write a book.

The best advise about running a business is to delegate, delegate, delegate. I can do that. I learned early on when homeschooling my kids that if I wanted them to load the dishwasher I had to teach them how to load it, but I also had to accept how they loaded it. Otherwise I was doing double duty if I rearranged their loading. Also plan, plan, plan. This is where I will need to really do some research. I need to know what are my resources for inventory, how marketable are they, what are my legal options, where to locate, how to hire and fire personnel. So much to find out. At least I am going to know before I put my name on the building.
  • Starting a Business Requires Balancing Commitments!
The demands of the business need to be balanced with the demands of the family. Now here I am at an advantage. I no longer have children at home, but that doesn't mean I don't have family demands. As my parents and in laws get older I will become more and more responsible. I am the oldest on both sides.

Questions: Starting my own business will benefit my family by ... structuring time for work and time for rest and time for recreation. Starting my own business will change my family life by ... having more worries. I may look cool on the outside but inside I do think on a subject a lot. (That is what I call worrying.) (Actually I love the phrase in the Bible where it states that "Mary pondered all these things in her heart" about Jesus. I really identify with pondering.)

Starting my own business has my family support... Well yes they want ME to do it. Actually if one of my kids or husband tried to interfere with my vision, I would not be a happy camper. When you have a vision, you should just gut it out and make it your own. Besides, none of my family or my husbands family or my kids have any retail ownership history. Oh we have lots of ideas, but my dad says of my family, "All these people and not a wage earner among them." What he really means is we are all so creative, we don't know squat about just getting a job. Yuck. Who wants one of those!

Do I and my family members have the same picture of their involvement in my business? Got to answer I don't know on this one. I know several who have shown interest in a business similar to the one I want, but we never agree on some major issues. Like inventory, or setup or start up money. It all looks different to you when you are young and when you are, lets say "maturely cautious."

"I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow, It's clouds illusions I recall. I really don't know clouds at all." Thanks Judy Collins

List three things you will do to balance business and family commitments:
  1. Start small
  2. Set work time/home time/family time and be vigilant
  3. Don't try to be everything to everybody.

Tomorrow: Money

Thursday, May 15, 2008

DAY 2 in instruction of Starting a Business
One of the things that this new instruction about starting a new business is to get all those conflicting thoughts out in the open and then pick the one you want.

"What's in it for Me?" It sounds pretty simple. Yet it makes you think, What will I get by starting my own business? What is it that I want? Some options: Make enough money to support my family and myself; Make extra money to get my family and myself those things that I cannot buy now; Have the ability to choose the lifestyle I want; Have the freedom I want; Pursue my passion for ______.

The one I chose with info was the last one. Pursue my passion to spend time to be with my family. Which goes contrary to starting a business from everyone who knows. Maybe I don't want to start a business after all. I love being with my kids, my grand kids my mom and dad and in laws, but if I am available to them, will I be too available? Will my free time be free to me? Will I be on the go to give, and give up on me? You have to be ruthless when thinking thru these ideas.

What will income from the business buy for me?

A place to live? I love my house. It is my home. I love Arkadelphia. It is my home. No matter how I think about it, this is where I have put down roots. Speaking of, reminds me that after all these years my Hydrangea bushes are blooming, and they are blooming blue! I had blue ones to begin with then for some reason, unknown to me the ground was too alkaline and they turned pink. So last fall before the frost I got some pine needles to protect the Hydrangeas and I knew they would provide some acid which would make them blue again. Well, it worked. And the bushes are growing bigger and blooming more. So now I can't move.

Will income provide a Car?

I like my Jeep, and I have not been looking for another car. Cars are nice, but I am not a car person. Yet!

Medical insurance? No; Life insurance? No; Disability insurance? No; Vacation or travel? Yes. Although I haven't been a real vacation person, I do like to go to different places. I don't need a different place to have fun, but I would like to take my family on trips to see different places where we could visit and enjoy our time together, without timetables of work and school beating down on us. Something to think about.

Hobbies, leisure, recreational activities?

The one thing I have always wanted is a maid. I know a lot of women want maids, but I really want one, because I like a clean house, I don't actually like cleaning. I can, I just don't like it. I would like a gardener, who would fix my yard like an English garden. Serene with lots of southern flowers. A playground and a tree house for the grand kids. These are leisure ideas for me!

The only thing I have really wanted to learn is how to sail a boat. I love the water, and I would love to be on the water in a quiet time listening and enjoying the lakes around here. That is my only recreational activity I want.

This is only two pages into the question why and what do I want from a business. Life is more than the business is the theme of this part. What do I expect and what do I want. I suppose this self examination is to get it all in line. Maybe I won't be able to do any of these, but I need to know what is it I want. So, if I get my business will it provide or exclude these desires.

Tomorrow more homework.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OK, the kids keep saying , "You been talking about starting a business, so just do it already!" So last night I began a 12 week study put together by the Small Business Administration. I am fortunate to live in Arkadelphia where there is a SBA at Henderson University. One of the two Universities here in town. The guy that runs it is a friend of the family and he isn't just an egghead about business, he has run a business and his wife still runs it now that he is working with SBA.

The Course starts out very simply as if you know nothing about starting, running, or keeping a business. Which is exactly where I am. I have ideas, but I don't have a background in business from any side of my family. And, although being a homeschool mom has helped me in many ways, it as not set me up with the skills to own, run and profit from a business. So here goes. This course should tell me by the time I'm through if I really want to run a business.

Last night was the opening night. In this group, we had a man who wants to run a tour boat business; a man who wants to get into rental property; a man, (professor) who has a recipe he wants to market; a man who wants to open a saw shop; a woman who is involved in too many ventures and wants clarity; a man who wants to transport animals; a man, (grandfather), who wants to build a business for his grandson to take over; a woman who wants to open a landscaping business; and a woman who wants to get out of the teaching profession with some kind of business.

Talk about diverse. Business suits, cowboy hats, t-shirts, young, middle age and older , men and women all had one thing in common. HELP! Where do I begin and how do I navigate this adventure without losing my shirt.

Of course the first thing the facilitators of this course mention is a "Feasibility Plan," which means how to make your dream feasible. Then they back up and make you think through "Why do I want to do this business?" It all has to make sense in your brain, before it makes sense in real life.

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail!

One of my assignments for next week is to make a page size picture that expresses , Me as the entrepreneur, My product or service, My customers, The money and The future. I am to cut and paste literally, so I am going back to preschool and make a collage. Here goes!
Here is to To Maw and Nana. The Ying and Yang of life. Where would we be without family. I'll let you know how it is going.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday's are great days

OOPS! Mimi forgot, no school for the wee one today.

To Target we go.
The Wee one ate a half bag of popcorn and a full coke in less than 20 minutes.
Gotta love that devotion to popcorn at 9 am.

Inside the new lunch bag. don't want any more "looks" from the
lovey and gracious Miss Norma for not having a lunch bag.

"I hate modeling for Mimi and her "etsy." I should get better pay."

OK, so we get to eat fresh Blueberry muffins. Hey! Should we save one for
Mama? Wait! They're all gone. How did that happen?

Who cares if it is raining outside we can do our boxing right here.

I got you in strangle hold now.

Yes sir! Helmet head is here to serve you.

Time for a movie.

The rain is gone and it is the end of a day.


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