Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Doors

Ever noticed how many doors are at junktique stores? I found these doors at a Habitat for Humanity re-use shop. More doors than you might think. Makes me think philosophically that we get rid of more doors than we thought we would. Doors leading into other rooms are now being torn down, because those rooms are being refigured. Mmmmm, must ponder on this state of rehab.

OK I haven't been blogging lately. These are the reasons: My back went out and then the grandchildren came to visit. So that is that and besides we were off for a week and now we are on again with our classes.

We are to write our Business Concept. It is supposed to be the basis for our feasibility plan. A feasibility plan is the plan you hand in to the BANK. It will tell the bank you have thought all this out. You will look very informed and highly intelligent and by-jee and by-golly you can be trusted with their money to start a business.

OK, here are some things to think about, Who, what, when, where, why & how much. We are back in school with an English lesson. Yes folks, this is a 'larnin' experience.

Here is a really great statement, (no really, it makes you think.) A successful entrepreneur can clearly describe the precise nature of their business.

"If you cannot describe your concept, then, potential suppliers, potential customers, potential lenders and potential resource team members (maybe they are talking about venture capitalists here) may wonder if you really have a clear idea of what you want to do. People will not conduct business with a company if they think the owner doesn't have a clear idea of what it is he or she is doing."--They got a point.

When I had little kids we would all go to the store, (you know homeschoolers have to have a learning experience in everything we do). Yes, I said all four of them went to the store with me alone! They would ask if I would buy them this toy or that piece of clothing, (we had at one time: a preschooler, a gradeschooler, a middleschooler, and a highschooler so all their desires were very different) I would say no, and their reply was I'll pay you back when we get home. Like duh! I knew these kids didn't have any money cause when they went with their dad he let them buy junk with their money. But I digress.

So I do understand and greatly appreciate people who will lend their money to other people who want to start a company. But please don't mistake an investment as free money, oh no. It has longer apron strings than my mother in laws apron. Yes-sir-reedy-bob. When someone gives you money they want something in return, and it isn't always a return on their investment. That is why most politicians become someone who is dazzled by the big bucks. Business isn't always that bad, but believe me, money talks, and it don't say "I'm Free."

So you think all this talk about money is really crass and somewhat unnecessary? After all if you are meant to be in business it will all fall into place. Well, that is what this course is helping me to do. THINK REAL! To test the business plan on paper before I take any of that paper money. If I can work it out now and have realistic expectations then neither I nor the Bank will panic.

I want to enjoy my business. I want to know who, what, when, where, why & how much, so I can greet you with an enthusiastic smile. Hello, how may I help you?

I don't want to be running around chasing a barrel full of monkeys.


J4 said...

Yeah, baby, get real! YOU are the REALEST thing I know!


Anonymous said...

Habitat is the best. They don't make doors like they used to.

Sissy said...

I need a door, a back door. But, of course it must be a special, non-regulation size door. Our entire house is now non-regulation size. Everything must be special ordered to fit. I think about that a lot. What does that mean? Why do we choose non-regulation over regulation? I don't really know, but I know that I really do like it that way.Everything-non-regulation, just as long as I can still get my own special order.


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