Monday, July 28, 2008

Camp Meme

The first picture from Mi

Since we were studying Indians, with the emphasis on the Caddos at Camp Meme, first order was to go blackberry picking. So Camp Director found a pick-ur-own farm not far from the drop off.

Obi picks with Wy and Mi

We finish and the Indian/Farmers are headed for Main Camp.

At Camp Meme, the Camp Assistant leads us every morning in unfurling the flag and saying the pledge.

In the Mess Hall, we cool off with some great watermelon.

We cool off at the pool. Thanks Juju.

What would a trip to Camp Meme be without a trip to the local Library for research into Indian life, and of course a sit down on the Civil War cannon!

We not only have craft time, we have cook time at Camp Meme. Wy shucks the corn and the boys cut the corn off the cob for corn bread.

The local Museum has more info on the local indians and of course airplanes.

Mi wants to be in the court room.

So off to the Judge at the local courthouse. Mi's favorite.

Boys at the Courthouse.

Swimming again, cause it is just too blame hot not to!

The Juju is the greatest.

The Indian Village was a hit.

The Council is taking a vote.

The Warriors pick their tribe mascots.

Back at Camp Meme the Warriors dress in fighting gear.


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