Monday, March 23, 2009

To Germany I Go!

Here I go to Germany to see Jemimah. I can't believe I am so fortunate to have kids who love me and want to visit with me. Johnny is taking me to see my mom and dad. As the Ambassador to Germany I have to make sure everyone is given the chance to give me advise!

My mom set up a tea party with presents. A warm blanket for the plane ride, some candy and of course the muffins that she made for the party. I must have food! We had a lovely time. My mom would love to go to Europe, but she can't fly, cause of her legs needing room to move.

After we visit my mom and dad we go to see Nana & Grandaddy and say goodbye to them. I gotta get Nana some German Chocolate. We go to the airport to load up and I get there in plenty of time and load up into the airplane. I am ready!

Flying into Chicago is great. I looked out of the window down on Illinois farming land and I wondered why Chicago is the face of Illinois, when there really is more of it than of Chicago. I am guessing the politics of the farmers is much different than that of Chicago. Funny that all I know of somewhere is what is reported negatively in the news. Just like everyone who hears that I am from Arkansas, thinks we are all a bunch of hicks. The media must have been surprised that the president from here really isn't looked upon as a god by the people from here. That intelligent people could actually disagree with him, must have cemented their belief that we are really a bunch of hicks. Oh well, enough of politics.

I love archtecture of airports. It seems like they are designed "in the moment." They are almost always modern. As if the planners said go ahead and design something new and exciting. So many of the airports look like they are from the 1970's ! So I took pictures of what I could get from the airplane.

The tower is a really strange looking monster! A truly crazy way to make something look new! I loved the atrium in the airport. I thought it make a real light filled bright place to feel you welcomed. I loved how it really
looks unlike an airport. The wait was 3 hrs and a youth group had already carved out a spot on the waiting room floor, but I ate my muffin and had a starbucks. I had to get up and walk around some, while I waited as I would get tired of just sitting.

We finally loaded the plane and we were on our way. The pilot said 8 hours, but it felt like 100. Long way to go, with no where to go.

I am in Germany!!! I get off the plane the old fashioned way down the ramp and we get on a bus and head toward the terminal. I finally go through all the gates, get my bags, and now I get to see Jemimah and Adam.

It is so good to see them and know I am still ok. I made it to Germany! I still could sleep a year of sleep to catch up, but I am here.

We go into the town of Lundstuhl to get something to eat. This is Jemimah and Adam's little town. We eat a great sandwich and I have to go to bed again. Two hours and I get ready for Church.

Their church is a great group of believers. The church is in downtown Landstuhl and the people are very warm and the preaching was great.

Adam and the pastor compare notes on a passage of scripture.

We go home and talk for 4 more hours. What a day. I am tired again. I sleep so good I even open the window.

Glad to be here.

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J4 said...

Hey, baby, great to see you blogging again! It took going to Europe to make you do it! I'll be following all the exciting news -- great start!

lover boy


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