Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day of Rest?

Jemimah's style is so different than mine. Although we think alike on a lot of philisophical and spiritual ideas, we are at opposite ends of our style and our temperment. If you know me personally where more is more, my only neat-nick is Jemimah. Take for instance this view of her ribbons, paper and stuff. Neat, tidy, and well organized. Her aptartnemt is the same. Less is more.
Since we have different styles and different temperments you might think we don't get along. Actually we get along side by side. We are like two toddlers who like playing around each other. We interact, but we like to be alone together.

This is Jemimah's new computer. She got a great mac. She says her pictures are clearer. It sure is pretty! I love great appliances. I don't have to have new gadgets just because they are new. I like anything that works like it is advertised.

Today we had an assignment. I have to have a vistor card to go anywhere on the base. So we go to the Landstuhl Hosp., we go up, up, up and wait 30 minutes. Sorry it is at another base. After lunch we head out to the other base, nope, can't come in that way; have to turn around with the whole road block thing and all. Then we go to the other side of the base and finally get an id card for me.

I will say this about all these check spots, they really mean what they say. You ain't going into the base no matter who you are unless you have a passport and a military issued id. Actually I was glad to see that they are careful, very careful.

This is Trooper. Jemimah and Adams dog. So cute and loves to plays catch. So full of life.
Jemimah cooking our "Kitchen Sink" soup. Everything but...

So good. Loved it.

I love that everything is English/German on the bases. In the "economy" as Jemimah calls everything is German/English. Even in Starbucks. Day of rest has come to an end. Gotta get up early in the morning to go to Paris.
See you there.


J4 said...

Ooooo, Paris tomorrow! get plenty of rest, it will be a big day! I am checking your weather forecast on line ... Miss you MUCH.


Jerusalem said...

Oh I am SOO glad you are blogging! I feel like I am there - well almost, except for these big tears in my eyes..sniff sniff. Didn't realize how much I miss both of you. I love you - have tons and tons and tons of fun!!


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