Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday's are great days

OOPS! Mimi forgot, no school for the wee one today.

To Target we go.
The Wee one ate a half bag of popcorn and a full coke in less than 20 minutes.
Gotta love that devotion to popcorn at 9 am.

Inside the new lunch bag. don't want any more "looks" from the
lovey and gracious Miss Norma for not having a lunch bag.

"I hate modeling for Mimi and her "etsy." I should get better pay."

OK, so we get to eat fresh Blueberry muffins. Hey! Should we save one for
Mama? Wait! They're all gone. How did that happen?

Who cares if it is raining outside we can do our boxing right here.

I got you in strangle hold now.

Yes sir! Helmet head is here to serve you.

Time for a movie.

The rain is gone and it is the end of a day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dynamic Duo

We pause for the "official" publication.Backpack cases the terrain.

007 checks his wrist phone

Laundry looms ominous.

Socks on the look out.

Altered notebooks may have the clue, or at least a place to color.

Help, the Grandaddy of all Grandaddies has got us.
Always a Beautiful Dame around.
I must get nourishment.
Don't worry I will catch some fish to eat.

As the highly trained engineer, I will build an escape pod.

If I just connect four I will save the planet.

The secret lair of a great watchdog.

I'll whip off my belt from my head and lasso that beast.

The hungry defenders of "Land of Mimi" give thanks for fish sticks. Again!

Must be ready for the ultimate test.
So onto the studying of all things important.

Sunday, April 6, 2008



Morning Cartoons

Ready for Church!

Great singing at Church

Golfer practices

Cowboy Rides

Pizza for Lunch

Play Ball

Nap Time

Ice Cream Treat


Looking for Fish Sticks

Zipping the lips

One last swing

Cutting the Grass

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Living Life

OK so it has been two months since I last blogged. There has been a lot happening . New Jobs, New living arrangements etc. Just what a family with four grown kids would be expected to have.

Jemimah and Adam came home to visit for three weeks and I had all the girls for a last time of fun. Even though I had come down with a bad back, upset stomach and awful headache, it was one of the best times we have had. After we ate and they went through my shop stuff they sat on my bed while I was on the heating pad immobile and they talked and we laughed. For me it was like medicine.

Today I saw Jemimah and her husband go back to Germany, probably for another year. In the meantime I am baby sitting my oldest daughters kids while she and her husband are in Alaska visiting her best friend who will have a baby soon. So here goes.

Pat and Mary the other Grandparents hand over the two charges. The two dogs are now under my control! Ha!

The golfer gets going!

The cleaner gets cleaning.

The Meme and her boys on a Sunny day in April.

Jemimah and Adam wait for us to say goodbye.

Boys say goodbye.
Obi takes the boys down the "alligator."

Going on to Germany.

Back at the Ranch

Making Mac n Cheese!
Waiting on the Mac attack The ball player turns coach.

The Feast begins!

One last turn for the Player.

One last look for the catcher!

He asked if I would look for one. And I realized that when I found one I would have to say yes I found one. So I found one and he did too.


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