Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday's are great days

OOPS! Mimi forgot, no school for the wee one today.

To Target we go.
The Wee one ate a half bag of popcorn and a full coke in less than 20 minutes.
Gotta love that devotion to popcorn at 9 am.

Inside the new lunch bag. don't want any more "looks" from the
lovey and gracious Miss Norma for not having a lunch bag.

"I hate modeling for Mimi and her "etsy." I should get better pay."

OK, so we get to eat fresh Blueberry muffins. Hey! Should we save one for
Mama? Wait! They're all gone. How did that happen?

Who cares if it is raining outside we can do our boxing right here.

I got you in strangle hold now.

Yes sir! Helmet head is here to serve you.

Time for a movie.

The rain is gone and it is the end of a day.


jeanetta said...

what a week you've been living.

Jerusalem said...

i am almost home! hang on!! i am in the phoenix airport surfin the net on my LAST layover - hurrah!

see you all soon,

Anonymous said...

We need to get all the grands together. Just had nae's four this week. Will have becca's next week. Looks like you had a wonderful week.


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