Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Day

Very pretty day. It was actually cloudy yesterday, but today is a bright and glorious day. So I used a happy picture.

I tooled around the house doing odds and ends, like fixing one of the many 'guns' in our house. This was after I cleaned out the closet. Threw away a lot of stuff. I know, I know it is the Christmas Miracle my family has been waiting for.

Got a call from Sharon Cosh about my immediate boss, Tricia Wempe giving birth the night before to a little girl, 13 days ahead of schedule. Ran right over to the hospital and took these pictures. 30 minutes, yes 30 minutes was how long her labor lasted. That is just so unfair.

Here is big sister Angelma holding baby sister Michaella. They are sticking with the Angel theme. Aren't they just adorable.
Went to the office to download these pictures so I could send them to the school staff, faculty, and students where we work. I especially wanted the internationals who we work with to know where their erstwhile leader will be for the next 3 months! Yikes. I gotta lotta work ahead of me.
Went grocery shopping- afraid it was going to snow, you know how us Southerners are about snow. We love it we just can't drive in it.
Fixed dinner of Chicken Fried Steak, Green Bean Casserole, Rice, Biscuits, & a fresh salad.
What was I thinking? I have enough food in my fridge, as my Granny Mary used to say, "for a log rolling." Just had to cook! didn't get a picture though!

Finished the Hoops & Yoyo paper Christmas Toy I started 2 weeks ago. It is all made of Card stock and glue. The instructions would blow most engineers minds. I lost the stockings that are supposed to go on the fireplace, because someone who was helping me cut them out lost them. You know who you are!

Finished the curtain I wanted to make for the kitchen door. Always felt a little odd, with that not covered.
Put the black eyed peas on to soak over night.
Watched TV and participated in New Years Eve


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