Monday, April 7, 2008

Dynamic Duo

We pause for the "official" publication.Backpack cases the terrain.

007 checks his wrist phone

Laundry looms ominous.

Socks on the look out.

Altered notebooks may have the clue, or at least a place to color.

Help, the Grandaddy of all Grandaddies has got us.
Always a Beautiful Dame around.
I must get nourishment.
Don't worry I will catch some fish to eat.

As the highly trained engineer, I will build an escape pod.

If I just connect four I will save the planet.

The secret lair of a great watchdog.

I'll whip off my belt from my head and lasso that beast.

The hungry defenders of "Land of Mimi" give thanks for fish sticks. Again!

Must be ready for the ultimate test.
So onto the studying of all things important.


jeanetta said...

you look like you've been having a blast. i was wondering about you all last week during the storm. i was in town on saturday and drove by the house. it was still standing so i figured you guys were all doing well.

Jemimah said...

love it love it!! so glad you are feeling better even if you are really more tired! lol


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