Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jemimah's Castle

Here is the castle that is above Jemimah's town.

It is an old castle and is in disrepair and of course we had to see it on a rainy day. Jemimah says that their are little plays and festivals during the summer time. It is still beautiful.

The castle is build on limestone such as this. Looks pretty strong.

The wall that you see as you come up to the castle.

A video of the town from the top of the castle.

The well has been concreted over, but while we were there, the workers were working on one of the roofs. I guess they have to work on it all the time to keep it from falling apart.

These next pictures are of another caslte further down from them. Jemimah and I climbed to the top of the tower. I had Adam's down winter coat on.

Top of Tower

Even though this castle was in better shape and bigger I liked the idea of Jemimah's castle better.
Jemimah is game for all kinds of adventure so up we went.

This view is from one of the landings of the tower

Here we are on the top landing of the tower. Pretty cool. Jemimah is trying to keep her hat on, cause the wind was blowing so hard.
The dundgeon. YIKES
What a day. I loved it. I like cold weather, as long as I am warm.

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Jemimah said...

i love having my own castle WOW i just wish the Germans would realize that! lol!


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