Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Last day in Germany

The last day in Germany we ate lunch at a German Fish n Chips on base. I had the southern fried halibut. Can't really expect southern fried catfish at a Germany Fish n Chips can you?

Since it was on base it had American Flags, English style fish n chips, German bratwurst, and Thai seasonings. Talk about multi cultural!

Then Jemimah had scheduled a manicure at the local base. The attendants were all German and chattered to each other in German. Obviously we were at a loss.

Mitts for our hands to rest in and a cup of hot tea makes the experience relaxing.

That afternoon we drive around the town of Kaislerslautern. Here are some of the buildings I took pictures of. You can see all the buildings are close together.

It is truly beautiful and you can see how fairy tales came from this land.
That evening we got some advise from a local resident of a good place to get authentic German Food. So we at at Alt Landsthul. The setting is very old German inn.

We had Chateau Briand. Delicious.

What a wonderful week. I went, I saw, I came home. Did I mention it snowed? It was a great time. Thanks Jemimah, Thanks Adam I loved my guest room. And I finally got two stamps in my passport. Next, Capeizo National Bank!

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Jemimah said...

adam saw the picture of the food at Alt Landstuhl and he has been buggin' me to go back there real soon! that boy and his food!


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