Saturday, April 18, 2009


My dad in his usual chair.

When I got back to work on Monday everyone asked how was your Easter. I had to reflect and I came up with the word "Calm." Yes it was actually calm.

Because the grandsons didn't dye Easter eggs and we went home and didn't stay overnight it seemed unusually quiet. In fact I said I was disquieted. Weird that something so simple like a different schedule could make me feel off kilter.

Johnny working on his new cell phone.

My brother in law Gene talking on the front porch.

Oldest daughter working on great cupcakes.

The Mom of all moms!

Youngest daughter taking time out for a rest.

Grandson who did not have a "rat's tail" but a platypus tail. Yep he knows what he wants! Hey 1980's, you are back!!

The three Stooges. These three are just too funny. Like having three kids. Much laughter!

Son pondering huge question.

Grandson working on the TV program.

My #1 sister cooking.

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