Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am a lover of fabric. You might say I am a fabric-holic.
The Farm Chicks are giving away 2 yards of Fabric by
My favorite of their fabric is this one called Lime Pagoda.

This fabric reminds me of the story I used to read to my
kids. In fact I could recite the name by heart and we used
to say it all the time.

That is the name of the book. I loved the cadence and the
funny point of the book so much that I memorized that line.
It has found memories for me and my children when they were young and could laugh at such a story, whose actual point in my view was that parents do some crazy things just to impress others, when doing the simple thing was what was best.
This is why fabrics mean so much to me. A touch or a look can
evoke memories and I hope the things I make will one day make memories for others.
I hope in your life you find things that you can laugh at.
Enjoy your life and enjoy your children.

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Jemimah said...

i loved that book! still one of my favorites. i have started to collect all my favorites from childhood. love your blogging!


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