Monday, April 20, 2009


Let me tell you why I have a picture of a Gas
relief in my blog. On Friday at lunch I ate something that didn't agree with me. I didn't have a gas attack like you might think. I had a brain fuzz attack.
When I went back to work, I found it hard to concentrate, yet I did, and I fought my way through the fuzz to get my work done.
That evening when I got home I got straight into bed and fell asleep. A restless sleep.
When I woke up I had a horrible headache. One of those vice grip won't let go headaches. It was an all day can't get rid of it headache. Nothing I can do will touch it.
I mean I take every over the counter pain pill I can find, and every herb I can think of that might cut the length of the pain. Somethings it will last a day or day and a half. I can usually tell when it is over, because I rid my body of whatever is making it hurt.
So on Saturday I was trying to rid this headache and I was in the kitchen and I was making some tea and I thought what can I take to rid my self of this pain? I thought, "well when I have an upset stomach I take these gas pills, so maybe if I take these it will get rid of what is causing my pain." I took two and in less than two hours my headache was gone.
I have no idea if it was from these pills, or from anything else I had tried, but this was a first time to try these and I could see a real difference.
My question to you, if you are a sufferer, by way of headaches of allergic reactions to foods if you have ever thought of using this treatment. Is it what is in the pills or is it because the pills might help you get rid of the food sooner than usual that it helps.
Has anyone used this or seen any difference in your life when you do use this kind of therapy?


Jerusalem said...

i swear by those little green magic pills! they are the best!

Patty said...

On my way to the drugstore now


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