Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Six in the never ending quest to open a business.
Don't you just love this picture of my kitchen window. It was just the perfect day and the perfect picture of a sunny yet cool day.
FORGET ANY MORE OF THAT! Yesterday it hit 90 degrees. I guess we had too good for too long.

Tonight we were supposed to have another class, but the facilitators forgot ELECTION DAY! The place where we have our meetings are being used for election. Did you vote in your primary? Well I did.

We only have Democrats participating in a primary and I am a registered Independent. I know, I know if you think I am a moderate think again. My own children cringe when I get to talking politics, cause I am so conservative. No really! I blame registering as a Independent on my kids. Yep it is all their fault. See, when you have four kids, they want to be involved in everything. Even home schooled kids, want to be a part of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, swim club, 4-H, softball, baseball, basketball, theatre productions, dance, gymnastics; do I have to go on? You know the drill.

Well when we moved here I thought long and hard about joining a political party. Since I am so conservative, you would think I would join the Republicans. Most Democrats here in Arkansas consider themselves conservative, and aren't anything like the national Democrats. Which is a shame cause once someone gets into the national scene they turn into flaming liberals.

Most people actually live like I do. Concern for our families. Concern for our community. Concern for our neighbors. We want people to respect our property, respect our leaders, respect the law so our towns can live peaceably. We just want the government-small or big-to protect us from those who wish to take what isn't theirs. Then stay the heck out of our business. Why do so many in power want to micro manage our lives. Why is that so much better then letting us manage our lives? Do they think we are that stupid? Or is it that they are just bored? Got nothing to do, but meddle.

OK, back to why I registered as an Independent. When you have that many activities with four kids, as a mom or dad, you are always busy. Go, go, go. Drive, Drive, Drive. Give, Give, Give. I just was tired of being the one who baked all the cookies. The one who made the classes for the kids. The one who gave money so other kids could go. I just got tired. I knew if I registered with any party, they would be a-callin. Can you give, give, give? Can you meet, meet, meet? Can you..., can you..., can you...? So there. I voted in the Democratic primary, cause we don't have Republicans in our county. Have you seen the county by county map of how the USA looks as far as voting Rep. or Dem. in the Presidential election in '04? Well my county is one of only a few that is Blue in our state. Yep, I know how to pic 'um!

I will continue to write about my quest for a business even though I don't have any new homework until Thurs night. I found out something today that I have been praying about with concern about my business. (Matter of fact it was at the polling place. God always does that for me, reveals an answer at the most unusual time or place. Maybe God reacts to me like I am. Quirky.) And it has given me a direction. I am glad that I have made some decisions. Feels good to have direction.

Let you know more about it later.

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J4 said...

I can't wait to hear! I'm your hubby, after all. When are you planning top tell ME!?



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