Thursday, May 15, 2008

DAY 2 in instruction of Starting a Business
One of the things that this new instruction about starting a new business is to get all those conflicting thoughts out in the open and then pick the one you want.

"What's in it for Me?" It sounds pretty simple. Yet it makes you think, What will I get by starting my own business? What is it that I want? Some options: Make enough money to support my family and myself; Make extra money to get my family and myself those things that I cannot buy now; Have the ability to choose the lifestyle I want; Have the freedom I want; Pursue my passion for ______.

The one I chose with info was the last one. Pursue my passion to spend time to be with my family. Which goes contrary to starting a business from everyone who knows. Maybe I don't want to start a business after all. I love being with my kids, my grand kids my mom and dad and in laws, but if I am available to them, will I be too available? Will my free time be free to me? Will I be on the go to give, and give up on me? You have to be ruthless when thinking thru these ideas.

What will income from the business buy for me?

A place to live? I love my house. It is my home. I love Arkadelphia. It is my home. No matter how I think about it, this is where I have put down roots. Speaking of, reminds me that after all these years my Hydrangea bushes are blooming, and they are blooming blue! I had blue ones to begin with then for some reason, unknown to me the ground was too alkaline and they turned pink. So last fall before the frost I got some pine needles to protect the Hydrangeas and I knew they would provide some acid which would make them blue again. Well, it worked. And the bushes are growing bigger and blooming more. So now I can't move.

Will income provide a Car?

I like my Jeep, and I have not been looking for another car. Cars are nice, but I am not a car person. Yet!

Medical insurance? No; Life insurance? No; Disability insurance? No; Vacation or travel? Yes. Although I haven't been a real vacation person, I do like to go to different places. I don't need a different place to have fun, but I would like to take my family on trips to see different places where we could visit and enjoy our time together, without timetables of work and school beating down on us. Something to think about.

Hobbies, leisure, recreational activities?

The one thing I have always wanted is a maid. I know a lot of women want maids, but I really want one, because I like a clean house, I don't actually like cleaning. I can, I just don't like it. I would like a gardener, who would fix my yard like an English garden. Serene with lots of southern flowers. A playground and a tree house for the grand kids. These are leisure ideas for me!

The only thing I have really wanted to learn is how to sail a boat. I love the water, and I would love to be on the water in a quiet time listening and enjoying the lakes around here. That is my only recreational activity I want.

This is only two pages into the question why and what do I want from a business. Life is more than the business is the theme of this part. What do I expect and what do I want. I suppose this self examination is to get it all in line. Maybe I won't be able to do any of these, but I need to know what is it I want. So, if I get my business will it provide or exclude these desires.

Tomorrow more homework.


mer said...

These are all good thoughts...I love it that you're taking a business class! And I hope that whatever endeavor you tackle, you'll be successful.

I would LOVE to have a personal chef. I'll clean all day long, but cooking just isn't my thing. Neither is yardwork, so the gardener is a great idea too.

Oh well, a girl can dream, right??

J4 said...

We are SO different! But I hope you get EVERYTHING you want, and that I can help with some of it, at least!



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