Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation day 20 Boys and Mud

Today I went to the grandsons home to see the cuties and do a piece of work for Jerusalem

She wants me to paper a nook in her bedroom.
I finish that before noon and now the boys and I have some fun time.
Youngest g-son ready to play some catch. He is very serious about baseball.
Oldest g-son pitching. He has a good arm.Cleaned off the patio.
Now the fun begins. The ground under the swing is already grass-less and with the hose and sprinkler it is a mud hole. The boys are the best of friends and now it is time to try to knock your best friend off the swing!
These boys had the best of time and all it cost was some water.

This is what I call homemade fun in the sun!

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