Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation day 10

I am working on our Camp Meme for the boys. I love getting ready and making a plan which is always good when you have grand kids. We are emphasising the pioneer/colonial period of our country. I have a lot of places to go to already, but we have to have crafts and food that is reflective of that time. It has been hard to get ideas for the boys crafts. Not that they don't do crafts, they love them, but so many of the craft projects are in a girl vein. But, I have been able to translate some projects into modern day use. I don't think the pioneers had to think up crafts. Their whole life was a craft. Need a plow, make one. Need soap, make it. See what I mean? Still I needed more help. That is why I went to the library today. I love our Clark County Library. It is great. It is just what a local library should be. Up to date and down to earth. Isn't this building just the best? Linda, my favorite librarian, always has a great attitude and friendly way with the patrons. All I had to do was ask if the library had books on the colonial era for children and she got me 3 of the best books I have seen. I have been looking and looking for recipes from the colonial era and she found one that is wonderful. I can't wait for the boys and I to mix up the recipes in this book. It translates what the colonials made into friendly 21st century cooking.

Don't these floors look just wonderful? I love the way the Library is kept up. It has all the modern conveniences and yet retains its charm that makes it one of our family's favorite places. When our kids were young J4 would take them to the library. and now when the boys come to visit the first place the boys and J4 go is to the library. I think they have checked out every Wishbone video they have. I must give credit to Judy Golden the director of the Library for keeping it going and keeping it relevant and user friendly. WTG
As I was driving away from the Library I saw a logging truck come by. They always have to make big turns and it sometimes awkward for those trucks to turn the corner on such narrow streets. I was so glad to see them as our local paper mill has slowed down and people are concerned about losing jobs. One day I was with Jerusalem in Little Rock, and I commended that I hadn't seen any logging trucks go by and she just laughed and said there aren't any logging trucks in LR mom. Whoops! I forgot how provincial I had become.
After visiting the OBU library where I found some great books thanks to Alyse and Shirley at the front desk I headed over to the cafe to see if J4 was working and there he was. So I visited with him and had some time to read some of the books I just had checked out.
Since we will have the boys I am always looking for inexpensive ways to entertain them. We go to the local water park at least once while they are here but that can get spendy. Last year Judea worked at a local motel and we swam at their pool. I really loved that better because Miles could wear his swimmies while we all played together. It was small and had a shallow end with stairs that we could sit on or swim around. Wylie was jumping off the side and swimming like a fish. So tonight I went to the school's pool to check it out and see if it would be useful for us to swim in. I liked the pool. Very nice. We will see.

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