Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vacation day 3

One of the things that you get to do when you are getting ready to ebay everything is to look at things you own in a whole new light. Just the word Hymns on this Youth song book tells you it is not for today's youth. So many churches don't sing anything but praise songs. That is ok, but because I grew up singing hymns I often find myself singing a hymn during a hard time and it will just show up in my mouth out loud. As I ponder what I am singing I remember what I believe and I am comforted. J4 says hymns are the common man's Bible. You learn your doctrine by singing not by long days and nights studying which most people don't have time for.
My foray into apron making always surprises me. I am always looking for great ways to combine new and different materials for a funky look. I don't know why I love color, but I love all color.You will see this apron on my ebay later this week. I always try to make a rainbow when I am watering my flowers, which I had to do today, because it didn't rain here. The rainbow is a phenom. I can see one anytime I want as long as there is sun. I really love the weather channel on my pc. I don't have to wait for an "8" to see what my weather will be today.

This is a sculpture in downtown Hot Springs Arkansas. I went by to see Josh for an hour or so as I was going back home last Friday and we walked the downtown area. If you knew Josh you would be his friend. There wasn't a store that we went in or an art gallery that we visited that he didn't know the owner or the guy standing in line. I always have a great time with Josh. He is just love.
Here we are at one of his favorite spots: The top of the parking garage in downtown. You can see a lot of Hot Springs here and the breeze was refreshing. Wish I could have a chair and just watch the world go by on top of the garage.

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Jerusalem said...

I was amazed recently, when listening to old LP's, how much of my doctrine comes from the Amy Grant songs I sang - from the earliest on. It was kinda cool...

Miss Joshy. Thanks for the pic!


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