Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation day 11

Today was a work day of just work. Nothing fancy, no creativeness, just get things done. Do the dishes, clean up the kitchen and clean up my email. Some things you just have to do.
We have to save bottles for water. One of the many good things J4 does is he always makes sure we all have water when we go out in the car. So when we clean out the car we have to wash the bottles and fill them up and cool them down again.

J4 asked for some tuna fish salad and I made some for him. It is absolutely the best tuna fish ever. Better than my mom's and better than my mother in laws. OK! There, I said it. No you can't have the recipe. There is a very special secret ingredient. That ingredient makes even the celery taste great. The lowly celery is not the secret ingredient, but it wouldn't be great tuna fish without it.
Here are the loves of my life. I mean here are some of the things I love. My family is the love of my life starting with J4, but these are my vintage tablecloths. I love linens of all kinds. Vintage and new, table & bed, kitchen & dinning are all my kinds of collectibles. Eating on a real tablecloth gives your meal a new meaning. It isn't just to feed the body, but it feeds the soul.
I just can't pass by a sale of linens. You just can't believe how a vintage linen tablecloth feels. It just has a certain "real" feel. Unlike synthetics, linens feel hand-able. That is, when you rub synthetic fabric between your fingers it doesn't feel substantial. When you rub linen between your fingers it has weight and texture and just feels real. When I find vintage 100% cotton sheets I always buy them. I stock up on them. I horde them. If you were to lay down on a synthetic sheet it would feel good, but if you lay down on a 100% cotton sheet, after it has been ironed during a warm summer night and you just shaved your legs, Whoa dude.

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J4 said...

I love sharing the sheets with you!



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