Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vacation day 21 Father's day

Father's Day at our Church. Bro. Bobby teaches our Sunday School.
Maw & Paw cooking for the dinner. Actually a Sunday dinner should be at noon, but we couldn't be there until supper time, but we called it dinner anyway.

My father on the right and the father of my children on the left. What a great time we had around the table. We have had some really good discussions and some really funny discussions especially when you put in four generations around that table. The miscommunication or misunderstanding of common language from generation to generation really gets to be funny after roast and gravy.
The father of the baby birds that made themselves a home in the "Topsy Turvey" tomato planter is waiting to find more bugs. I gave my mom an upside down tomato planter so she wouldn't have to go out in the yard to get fresh tomatoes, but a family of wrens set up house in the top of the container. Today, my sister and I cut the tomato off, which wasn't growing anyway, and took the top of the planter off. We felt it was getting too hot inside the planter for the baby birds to survive. It got up to 96 degrees in the Village and the plastic container was just too hot for them. So we sliced holes in the plastic and hung it up again. Hope the baby birds live. We can buy more tomato plants, but we can't buy baby wrens who give my mom and dad so much joy to watch.
My sister asked J4 a theological question and he expounded and explained. What a great mind. He can recall scripture in just a flash. So good to hear someone give the real answers to questions we all have. No namby pamby answers from my man. It was a great ending on a great day. Happy Father's Day.

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J4 said...

It was a very good Father's Day in every way, baby. Thanks for being the mother of my children!



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