Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 17 Vacation Daily Life

Rice is such a great food. So versatile. It can be eaten so many ways. I love it plain with butter and salt or with gravy. But today Judea asked if I would make her breakfast and I said sure. Fried eggs and rice. When J4 came into the kitchen he was thrilled by the rice. He loves rice. I guess we are just an Arkansas family. We love our rice. My dad is from Mississippi and he grew up with rice at every meal. My mom a "northerner" from Little Rock ate rice and potatoes. What a combination those two made.
The fried eggs. You must get the eggs just right. The whites are done and the yolk is runny so you can sop it up. So very good with homemade jam on slightly toasted bread with real butter. You should always use real butter.
I had an email from one of the administrators about adding two prospects to a mailing so I went in to work on that. I keep a time sheet so I know how much time I am working. I also had to send some info into another person at work. So after dropping J4 off at his work, I went in to get that done. I saw Julia one of our Spanish Teachers and she was keeping down the fort.
I finished my work and I went to work out at the little gym upstairs. I love this time of day, because no one is around. It may be different once school starts. I don't work out a really long time, but I feel it. My legs and arms got a work out for sure.
I had to mail Jemimah & Adam some gifts. It is almost a month since their wedding anniversary and it took that long to get their gifts mailed to me and send it on to them. The Post Office has a dozen pieces of paper to fill out and then you hope it is the right form.
I went shopping to get some more food. Since Judea has been home she has expected to fed. Of all things, she wants food to be in the house.
Supper in the crock pot and I can go take a nap.
I read one day that the historians didn't know what the common people did in everyday life. So I thought you would like to know what common people do. We do everyday life.

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