Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation day

Here we go to the "Living History" of the Arkansas Heritage Museum. Formerly called the Territorial Restoration it has houses there in the spot where they were originally built.
Number one grandson using the interactive history at the museum.
Number 4 child with number 2 nephew. In the museum they have a kids room where you can dress up and have your picture taken. Note grandson not happy about having to stop doing what he wanted and get his picture taken.
Number 4 child with number one grandson. Very good picture.
"Look it is my favorite gun." The Gatling Gun.
"I'll make it look like I am shooting" he said as he called out each name of each rifle. I'm sure I am calling it by the wrong name, but he would tell me exactly when it was made and how it was used.
One of the "Living History" characters. Very compelling and worth the $6.50 I paid for two adults and two children. What a bargain, but more importantly what memories.
Top of the white building that was used as hotel, meeting house, tavern and place of ill repute as put to us by our guide.
Looking at a dinner table.
A bear hide. This was a favorite item. They got to touch the claws! Really we are still hearing about it.
The spinner. We can get a potato and a pencil and make a spindle. Geese we are just too lucky not to have to do all this for one shirt. No wonder they didn't change designs very often.
The tavern etc.
In front of the buggy. I wondered how it would be to have to have your stable in your front yard. Kind of messy, and smelly. It is a wonder people survived.
Meme in her dress up hat.

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Jemimah said...

i love it! what fun. i wish i was there. maybe when im in texas you will have to do a camp meme road trip! love ya


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