Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation day 14 Flowers & old buildings

Gardenia's are my favorite flower. Our church has two great big bushes with blooms that are just wonderful. Native to Africa & Asia this bush is just full of these blooms. I am enjoying their fragrance in my kitchen and beside my bed. They are the best ever and they don't last long, so I have to enjoy them while they are in bloom.

The rose bush on the property has only one or two blooms and really they just can't compete with the Gardenia. So they stayed on the bush.
The Hydrangea bush was so full of blooms it made me happy to see them so blue. They are just the best large arrangement flower you could use. The color blue is bright and the little flowers all over the bunch are happy. You can't see a hydrangea and be sad, you just can't.

Here in Prescott is an old building, that housed some kind of business and like so many in this town closed up. The sign says "Are you a woman? Take Ca..." I can't tell what the next letters are, can you? I remember traveling with sister, my mom and dad during the summer as my dad went on sales calls to the feed store across the railroad. I can remember the smell. Very musty, dank, and chemical laden. I have no idea what he was selling, but being in the broker business he must have been checking up on some order a grocery store was to have shipped out.
I remember my sister, my mom and I would cross the street and shop in the little dress shop on the main drag. I was always so surprised because it had wonderful little Villager dresses. It was run by two older women and it had the most wonderful deep drawers make of some kind of wonderful wood. They kept the socks and underwear in there. I was always shocked because I came from the big city of Little Rock, and no one else was supposed to be cool.
Old buildings hold memories and old fashioned flowers hold hope.

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