Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation day 16 cleaning & learning

You may not think this picture is very significant, but it is. There are no boxes on the floor. I am going through my things to get ready for a 25 cent sale and I finally got some of the boxes out of the house. It feels so good to go through stuff and decide "what do I need and what is just extra weight. "
This shows that yes I can have a dining room that is mostly clean. Just a few more items to get out of the dining room and I will be finished. Sometimes I can't believe that it can look so horrendous then so nice, like this afternoon. I just love the light shining in.

OK, here is where all that stuff went. To the front porch. Yes I can't believe all this stuff was in my house; BUT WAIT there's more! After we have our 25 cent sale, I have employed my son to sand the porch and help me out with staining it. Yes you read it here, I have a commitment from the son type. In the meantime, I have to finish up going through the rest of my stuff, (you do know we don't have junk, we have stuff) and get it outside. Then we have Camp Meme where we will do all kinds of historical things around Arkansas. Territorial Restoration, Old Washington, Meme's back yard, oh sorry the last one was just to see if you were paying attention. Then Vacation Bible School and then up to Ft. Smith with part of the GG's to see my sister for a mini GG Get away. Ah the summer is so short and it is already blooming hot! Couldn't grow okra without those hot nights!

This evening I am back at college. No not for book 'larning,' but for a course on Human Resource practices. I don't know why people have to give complicated names for jobs that say what they are. Personnel tells you just what it is, hiring & firing. Human Resource sounds like they are doing experiments on people. Very creepy. Administrative Assistant is really a Secretary. Doesn't secretary say it all: this person is in charge of the office area-period. Do not attempt to do change anything, schedule anything or attempt anything new without the secretary's approval. You gotta love it. Can you really say that about an Administrative Assistant? I don't think so.

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Jerusalem said...

love it all! I really want to come to your 25cent sale....hmmmm see you soon!!


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