Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation day 23 Getting Ready

One of the things we are going to do when the boys come for Camp Meme is read about the time period we are studying. I do my research and try to find informational books and novels about that time. Sometimes it is hard, but if you ask the right person you get what you need. Look at this great cookbook. It has all kinds of info and recipes for colonial cooking. I am so excited because it helps me out in informing the boys why we have to eat corned beef. I know they will find the rabbit we have in the freezer a little interesting, but I am not sure they have enjoyed corned beef, which of course will lead us to learn about how they made corned beef. After all if cattle were killed to eat they had to find a way to keep enough of it for as long as they could. Either that or let it rot. Such were the times.
Historic Colonial Life is a great book to find out what things might look like.

Samuel Eaton's Day A day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy. Although this isn't about the colonial period it will help to visualize the way of life for the founders to the boys.

A book about this historical time. America Grows Up. A History for Peter. by Gerald W. Johnson
A Blow for Liberty by Stephen W. Meader. A novel about how Cape May County, New Jersey was involved in the fight for liberty.

Wilderness Journey a novel by William O Steele. It is a little more about pioneers but I love the way the characters talk. It sounds like they are really there. As I started doing research about this time period and I saw these books on Colonial times I saw how the houses were well built and had gardens in the yards with fences, of course this is just our interpretation of records about that time, I wondered if those people who were not in the established towns and would be considered pioneers. If your town was just growing and there were log cabins around would that still be colonial times or were they considered pioneers? Such questions I guess will have to be answered by someone else, we are going to have Camp Meme.

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