Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st Begin Vacation

Today was the first day for my two month vacation. After a late breakfast I had to go do something outside as long as it was cool or coolish. After all it was supposed to hit 90 degrees. I think it hit 89. It was hot alright.

I went out to water my flowers. I have impatiens in the shady places and periwinkles in the sunny spots. I love how the red is so bright. I bought these two different impatiens at different times. I think one is a smaller type and the other grows up tall. I like the tall, because it causes the ground to be covered with the flowers, crowding out the weeds. Whoops, I think I made a mistake, but we will see. So long as they bloom.

I also was concerned about my porches. I just have to gain control of them.
This wind chime is so cute with little kittens.

The chime reminds me that we live in the south and this is our back porch. It has become a dumping ground. I first got the wool blankets that I had bought and put them upstairs. Then I had to take down the curtains.

I love this color of blue. I am so into blue these days. I don't have any idea why. I just am. Anyway I also love plaid. I can't get enough of plaid. Really it is such a great material. This is curtain material and vintage rubber backed curtains. They can close off the porch or let the sun in, but alas they were winter/spring dirty. So down they must come for the washing machine.

I came across-under a plastic liner- the vintage feather pillows I had bought last year at a garage sale. So I had to clean them. After taking J4 to work I went to the laundry mat to wash them in those sideways machines that don't use an agitator. I love my washer, but the agitator is hard on vintage material. So, if you have delicates use the sideways washers.

Being feather pillows I had to dry and dry and dry them in the dryers, but feathers don't like that! So I had to bring them home and put them outside in the heat. But being 89 and high humidity they still had to come in and I will have to dry them in the dryer tomorrow.

Here is the ticking of one of the blue ones. There are also pink
ones. These are the kinds of pillows my grandmother made. In fact My oldest daughter has those two pillows. Imagine, my grandmother would take the ducks that my grandfather killed, defeather them and stuff the pillows and now my daughter has those very same pillows.

So it turns out this is laundry day. I love clean bedding. My pillow cover is so sweet with pink embroidered flowers. So much fun to see it on my bed.

With a vintage quilt that I love, cause it has small
squares. I just love quilts. Even when it is warm weather I need to feel the
weight of the quilt to sleep soundly. I will wake up in the middle of the night
looking for it.

I am trying to get recipes of old fashioned cooking. I think eating beans every day will get old fast. Since we are studying

pioneer/colonial times in America I have to find ways to translate old f
ashioned cooking to today's world. Any ideas are appreciated.

Then I had to take pictures for my ebay site Yard sale Mansion. So my first day of

vacation has been very very busy.

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Jerusalem said...

great post! I envy your 2 month break and you know I want to steal all your old pillows. hehe.


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