Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vacation day 6

I have collected a lot of Melamine over the years. It is such a 50's idea. Plastics! Such a great invention. The "new age" of dinning. Don't have to worry about breaking. You have to be careful about new inventions. Apparently people were used to leaving their plates or cups or bowls on the stove either while they were cooking or after they finished. So when this new type of dinnerware came along, old habits still persisted. As you can see one of the plates in the picture has a burn spot. I have seen this happen again and again in Melamine. bty did you notice the coffee cups how small they are. No larger than life mugs to drink from here.
The cokes in our refrigerator are always open and I never know which one is mine. I don't mind if someone else takes mine, but I don't drink after anyone else, except J4 or as my grandmother called him "four J's." So I came back to the clothespin idea. We came up with this idea when we would go to my mom's home and there would be a dozen glasses used and no one remembered whose glass was whose, so we figured out a way to identify each persons glass so as not to have a kazillion glasses to wash. Use a clothespin with your name on it to identify your glass. It does take some reminding to get people used to it. All you have to do is say to one of your kids, "hey I think I saw your brother (or sister) drink out of that glass. Are you sure that one is yours?"
ps: You have to use spring clothes pins for this idea to work.
I have a lot of unused Christmas decor that I have to go through and reorganize which is what I did today along with going through all my boxes to find the aforementioned Melamine. It is actually something I love to do when my mind gets too scrambled. Putting things in place helps out when life gets crazy.
I also started shredding newspaper to help out with the garden we are going to plant with some vegetables. We are going to use this to build up the plot of land along with peat moss and potting soil so it should make a great place to plant some beans and okra and other veggies.
And lo and behold there was a stack of The New York Times on the back porch. I have no idea how we got a stack of these newspapers, but now they will go into the building of our great garden. For the sake of the economy and for greening of America we thank you for your contribution. Mmmm tomatoes and beans will be adding to our stomachs in such an intelligent way.

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Kites are also trash bags. Just open up and run.


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