Friday, June 5, 2009

Vacation day 5

Later this June we will be having Camp Meme.
We are going to be studying the Pioneer/Colonial Period of America.
The boys are just great lovers of history and really get into the whole understanding of it.
These pictures were taken two years ago and I put them together because this is just
like them still. They may have grown older, but they are still the same boys
So we have to have a garden that we can plant veggies and herbs just like the colonials.
Here J4 is getting the edge of the garden ready. Very small garden it is, but hey we are just
begining, and we need a place to sit down so we can work on the garden. There is a reason we
do not have farmland.
The stelth cat, Nick must ever be on guard, as long as you feed him that is!

J4 conquering the wilderness and making it reap a harvest.


Jemimah said...

i love to see your blogging mom! do nice to see what you are up too! love it :)

Jerusalem said...

the boys look so little there - but so the same! love that pic of daddy-o! so great!!

Patty said...

The kites are sheets, we live on a hill and all you have to do is stand and run.


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