Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 vacation

Last week I took my mom and dad to see my sisters youngest son, named after my dad Thomas- called Tom, graduate from high school. It was a great time. I really enjoy the time with my family. My brother-in-law & my sister took us out to the local steak house. It is really good. I had a sirloin-medium rare- very delicious. The next day we had to make our annual trip to the local Walmart. My dad forgot some clothing articles and we had to go buy some more. We did this 2 years ago when the oldest nephew ,Gene 4. graduated. After graduation it was a great fellowship at my sisters house. Those two boys are great guys.

My sister taking pictures of her boys.
Tom in the foreground, Gene in the background.
We talked about when Tom used to walk around with a handful of sticks when he was about 4 years old and he would quote the Muppet Movie from memory. Great to have relatives to embarrass you!

My curtain in the living room. I don't think this has any meaning, I just liked the picture. I took four different materials and made this curtain. One of Jerusalem's favorites.
While I was going through all the ebay stuff I have to put on line I am seeing all these great books I have had. Most of the time I can't get rid of books I like. I loved this picture about a day with a grandfather. Don't you just love this picture of the kid and rain puddle. I bought a new book for the boys called "Monster Night at Grandma's House." I loved the drawings first. The drawings are by Don Freeman, the man who wrote "Corduroy" one of my all time favorite books. Sometimes you just find books by people who actually understand how children think. Pick those books to own, you will return to them over and over.

This is a kitchen towel I found in my pictures. I may have sold it already, but I just loved the colors. I love all colors. My house has a different color in every room, but in the same hue, so you don't notice they are different, but my living room has "Happy Yellow" from Sherwin Williams. It is truly happy.

I found this fan in my political archives. I probably will put it on ebay soon, but I am always surprised by my collections. I really love all things that are about our life. I think Mike Ross won Jay's seat. I haven't gotten a fan from Mike yet, but he can send me one at any time.

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