Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 vacation

My mom has the best way with these shamrock plants. She practically ignores them and they just grow like crazy. So I always love it when she gives me a new one. We will say no more!
One of the nice things about being home is I get to enjoy some of the things I have enjoyed before, but didn't have time to enjoy lately. My kitchen faces the west and I get west sunshine so while standing in my kitchen window I can enjoy a sunset. When we lived in Alaska I missed, I mean I really missed the sun. It gets dark there early in the winter, at 3 pm it is pitch black. And even in the summer, because it was cloudy so often, I wouldn't see the the sun for weeks. Maybe that is why I am on a blue kick now. I am drawn to blue and I love the blue sky especially as it turns bright yellow, then orange then dark blue. It is just one of those life experiences that makes me grateful for the heavens.

Judea studying is a great sight to see. She is taking summer school and must study every night.

Going through my pictures to find the items I want to put on ebay I came across this photo. One of my favorite fabrics. Totally retro. Loud, garish, doesn't make sense, and doesn't care, just fabulous. Can you imagine a shirt made of this? See what I mean?

OBU graduation chairs. I just love the way these chairs look. So orderly and proper. Much better than the football stadium. I am glad this is how they do it now.
Am I on Sesame Street?
4 of these things belong together 1 of these things is out of place.
Do you know?

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