Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camp Meme Day 2

Camp Meme Day 2 and the campers are already in gear to learn about the USA history in Colonial Times. Since they are both lovers of dress up and imagination it is easy to teach them about different eras. Wy loves history and whatever Wy says Mi says also.
Mi and friend in Sunday School. Today's topic was about praying. Jesus prayed and taught his disciples to pray. Oh and then we can draw monster machines and bad guys getting into battles.

Mi always goes to the music where ever we go. He loved listening to the organ as he played it. He didn't pound on it like some kids do, but was curious how do you make the music come out.
Caught Wy's hand in the "cookie jar." No not really this is a posed shot.

Since we are studying Colonial times I have tried to get crafts and cooking to help them understand that everything the colonists had they had to make themselves. There wasn't a Walmart or any other store close by unless they lived in a town and even then it all had to come by train or buggy. So I thought making bread would help get them to understand that even such simple items as bread had to be made by hand. You never know if what you do with them will trigger a curiosity about learning some more. You just have to throw it all out there and hope some of it sticks.
They loved pounding the dough to make bread. It was fun and they really got into it. I mean they really, really got into the pounding and rolling and almost throwing the dough. Here is a hint: You gotta be in the room watching at all times.
One of the living history actors yesterday at the Arkansas Heritage Museum had a spindle and said that we could make our own yarn by using cotton balls and a potato and a pencil. No such luck. We tried and tried but the cotton wouldn't stay together in one piece. Maybe we will get a real spindle. I think Mi's face says it all!
One of the other things we did today was start making a quilt. I found online a suggestion to get some embroidery hoops and a piece of fabric, add square pieces for the children to sew onto the fabric using the hoops as a way to handle the awkward fabric. The boys really got into it. We talked about quilts and what they used to make them. Using a needle for young 'uns was something I was wary of, but a couple of times being stuck, and they listened to my instructions on how not to get stuck.
I think Mi wanted to play Pharaoh instead of sew.

Good thing I had the star fabric and bandanna fabric. I think that gave the idea a little more masculine feel.
The dough has to be punched down before being put into the pans. I mean punched down.
Punched down warrior style. "You will submit you dough you!"

Time for recreation. Obi and the boys take to the all American game of baseball. What could be better than a 3 man game?
"I can stare down any pitcher!"

"OK, I don't see anybody there, but Obi says there is a fake man on second." "Guess I gotta make sure he doesn't steal a base."
Supper time and wow isn't it great to have breakfast for supper on a Sunday night. Juju helps out with feeding the young men.

Oh yea, here is the loaves of bread made by hand. So delicious with butter.

Time to read the book we have chosen for Camp Meme. Wilderness Journey, by William O. Steele, illustrated by Paul Galdone. We have to read two chapters a night so Obi and Meme take turns.
One of the things that I noticed was the wonderful illustrations in this book. We have been so conditioned to believe that only color will attract young kids, but these boys couldn't wait to see each illustration and studied them when shown.

End of Camp Meme Day 2


Jemimah said...

love Obi's shirt ;0)

Nathaniel said...

This looks like so much fun!

Victoria said...

What a great idea for your grandkids!!! They will remember these camps for years to come. Hmmm...wonder if I could talk my parents into doing this...;)


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