Saturday, July 11, 2009

VBS day 5 good times

Painting is always a gamble with children in a fast paced time frame. But, these kids did such a great job and we only had one cup of water tipped over. It was a great time.

I sometimes think we don't do enough art work. I know some schools are cutting back, but I sure wish that the kids who love to paint and draw and sculpt and all that involves art were able to have that opportunity. I know it is messy, but I say to parents,

  1. Let them create
  2. Teach them to clean up
Jimmy with the VBSers. I really want to thank Jimmy Allen for helping with the crafts. He did more than just help, he created and supplied and got together materials. Plus the last day he had a migraine, and he still helped out without complaint, and that in itself is a sign of devotion.

Watching the kids paint or glue or put together a pouch was so rewarding. These kids never complained about a craft being too hard or too easy, but they jumped right in to get their art craft done. The creative gene must be pretty powerful in man's DNA, because I have never seen a child not want to create.

Knowing that art-work is messy always helps me get the preparation right. You have to know that someone will spill water or drip their paint or throw their freshly painted boomerang to see if it works and spew paint everywhere. That is just kids. The trick in picking out artwork for kids is you want it to be challenging enough so that they feel they can tackle it but you don't want to make it so easy that it is boring. I am always, I mean always surprised at how kids rise to a challenge. And since artwork is subjective in many ways it is always a delight when kids who are sitting next to each other do totally different styles in their project. Yet they themselves are proud of their work. The mind is an amazing thing. We should cherish our children whose minds we are helping to form.

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You are totally right! (and I read your blog!)


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