Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little People on the March

Little People on the March

To My Congressional Delegation

I hear a lot of talk by politicians and pundits that our health care is in a crisis. I truly do not understand what constitutes this crisis. I understand there are many who are not insured. I understand that there are insurance companies that do do hold up their side of the bargain. I understand there are lawyers who want to sue for every medical procedure.

What I don't understand is, what is the crisis? If I drive from New York to Los Angeles I can drop into 99.9% of the doctor offices and get an appointment that day. I can pay for my services and get a prescription that I can fill at a local pharmacy that day. That is not a crisis. A "crisis" is when there is not hospital in your town; there is no doctor in your town; there are no medical supplies in your town. I think that is called a third world country. Is that what we are to become if the government runs our health care?

I have elected you to be my representative in the making of the laws of the land. Are you going to represent me, or are you going to impose upon me?

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J4 said...

Tell it like it is, girlfriend!


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