Tuesday, July 21, 2009

13 days and counting, Old books

Yesterday Wy and I went to the Riley Library on the OBU campus. I had gotten some books there before for the boys and I really love the books we can find there. This great little book, Make a World is a drawing book. It doesn't give complicated instructions, it is simple. First it shows a rectangle, so the person draws a rectangle. Then add something to the rectangle and then add something else. No big complicated process, just draw it. In fact the layout is tiny, with no words, just a line of drawing. I loved this book when I saw it because it is so child understanding.

It gives the child respect. Look, copy and create. So many of the books printed now pander. They think children cannot learn with out minutia instructions from adults. Children are very quick to understand and apply. That is why I love these older books. They believe in children's capabilities.

The creation of a child's mind. The blimp, the helicopters, the castle, the fighting men, all came out of a boys imagination and with help from a book's application you have a great picture. J4 showed me one of the pictures he made when he was this age. Just think, when Wy is a man he will bring out this picture and think of his time at his Obi's & Meme's. We should remember this is how memories are made. Simple times with great love.

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