Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camp Meme Day 6, Work, Rabbit & Gardening

Today I had to go into work and help out a fellow employee. The fact that Kim needed my help has made my day. As a probie (see the TV show NCIS for definition) I am always behind the loop because I haven't been here a whole year and in this setting every month brings a new focus. I don't know what I don't know. So for a person as important as Kim to ask me for help, just gave me a wonderful lift.
The boys were wonderful and very good but I had to rescue the flags from being used as a military base setup.

They couldn't stand the smell in the section between the inside and the outside. Not enough people there to keep the air flowing. But I wanted a pic with the globe. They really are good to pose for me. It stank!

The rotunda was a fun place to show their metal.

Seeing Obi after lunch is always good.

The county library. Obi loves libraries and always takes them to get books and tapes. One of the great things about being a grandparent is you can show them the things you love without worrying about what they have to learn. That is for parents.

Wy reads to Mi and he can read very well.


It is fun to be able to play with book characters.

Tonight we had rabbit bar-b-que. I told the boys that when the colonials lived they ate whatever they could find. When I found rabbit for sale in the store I bought it and we all loved it. It is really a great meat. Almost no fat and not nearly as many bones as a squirrel. Everyone loved it. With homemade slaw and fresh picked peaches, wow what a southern delight. Oh yea and sweet tea. Mi has learned he likes sweet tea with lemon like Meme. Smart boy.

We finally planted our garden.(You know one must follow the farmers almanac and wait for the right days to plant.) In all my research and when we went to see the restored homes in Old Washington and in downtown LR there were always a little gardens in individual yards. So I got some of our concrete blocks, some peat moss and some potting soil and built a little garden for the boys to start.

They didn't have any trouble with the idea and quickly got into it.

Wy was hoeing very aggressively. Mi loved to water and direct.

Along with the seeds, (which went everywhere-there is no telling what we will have growing in that space), I got some plants for them to plant so they could see a plant in the garden. No problem.

Mi watering their own cans of vegetables . They can take these home and see their veggies grow. But they looked kind of down at the mouth when I said this. Then one of them quietly with his head down told how plants die at their house. I will try to remind their mother to water the plants.

It is fun to have water to play in on a hot summer evening.

Joy and Jubilee in July!

Better watch out Meme I have the hose and you look hot!

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