Friday, July 17, 2009

Countdown to Work, Oh and the GG's

17 days and counting.
The GGs get together on a mini get together.
Gallivanting Gals have to gallivant at home.
My mom's porch in the village. So relaxing.
We wanted to go to my sisters but family matters prevented that get together.
But never fear the GGs will prevail and gallivant.
The Diamante Golf course in Hot Springs Village.

The first night we ate out. You gotta take a break and take some time to live it up. So we ate at a restaurant in HSV called De Carlo on the Green. An Italian restaurant on the Diamante Golf Course. It was good and we had some good laughs. What we didn't get was lost. We usually go driving around the village to see what is new, but it was dusk and all the houses look the same.

The view of the restaurant. Pretty view and lovely setting. The only thing I missed were my two youngest daughters. [If you have three daughters or sons then the oldest one will always be the oldest and the youngest will always be the youngest, but the middle child could be one of two. The two oldest daughters or the two youngest daughters-so versatile.] One lives in Germany and one lives in a book-summer school at Henderson. I didn't just miss them being there I missed their mix to the tossed salad. Which is why we, all the GGs, can only be together in a confined space for no more than 48 hours. Too much mix to keep fresh.

My mom. She is so cute.

On the second day we ate a late breakfast and watched a couple of movies. Then it was time for crafting. My oldest daughter, Jerusalem is the craft provider. I asked her to do something for us with a tie in to fall and school. She sets the table and we go to it.

Jerusalem explains the rules to us crafty chics. We are not sure how to make a collage clipboard! We aren't cc, craftily challenged, we just don't get this particular one. But we will try.

We can be crafty after all. We just try to do as the teacher says and then ta-da we have a craft.

The next day we have a fine breakfast provided by the matriarch. Bacon and waffles.

The waffle maker my mom has had since she was first married. Still works.

My dad. Although he wasn't actually uninvited to the GGs he did try to be unobtrusive. He and his dogs. But, who doesn't love breakfast on the screened porch. So we let him join us. Aren't we magnanimous. Stay tuned the GGs will gallivant again soon.

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Jemimah said...

aww so much fun!!! i miss it so much!


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