Friday, July 24, 2009

9 days and counting, Wy writes the Preamble

I had a Quill pen that I gave Wy to practice writing. When we had Camp Meme we studied American colonial times and I bought, but not used, the Quill Pen. So I thought I would let Wy get a chance to use the pen. We talked about people during the colonial times having to use the quill pen to write notes, letters, journals and even the Constitution. We even looked up George Washington's General Orders on Profanity written in longhand by Geroge Washington.
Wy began to write using the pen and I watched as he began to write. I thought "Gee, Meme, you are so smart to encourage your grandson to write with this pen." I was shocked when we gave me a copy of the Preamble of the Constitution written by memory with the quill pen non stop. Meme's may be smart, but grandsons are awesome.

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Jerusalem said...

that's my boy!! so glad to have him home - that drawing book is amazing! Can you get me the title and author?


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