Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VBS day 2 & a garden

When I get to the fellowship hall some of the older kids always want to help out and I really do appreciate it. Sometimes there is a lot of little work to do.
Jackie enjoying watching the kids do Boomerang Express hand motions.

Chris didn't know he was so good at working with crafts.

Jensen know how to handle those pesky glue dots!

Gotta get the right tooth on the right crocodile.
The Garden
This is the garden we started when we had Camp Meme. Looks like something is coming up! Since the boys just dumped the packages of the vegetables into the garden we have no telling what is growing where. It will be interesting to find what these plants are.

Meme is watering the garden and the tomato plant looks like it is going good. Also the sweet potato plants are looking like they will survive.

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