Saturday, July 4, 2009

Camp Meme Day 7, Final day

The last day of Camp Meme starts with waffles. Instead of cold cereal, we needed a good carb fill, so waffles it is.
These boys know how to eat and love waffles.

One of the things we went over and over for Camp Meme is the fact that people in colonial times couldn't get everything they wanted in the store, they had to make it. So I thought it would be good for the boys to learn about knitting. We made an appointment with Clare of Knit Unto Others to teach us how to knit. The boys took to it and loved the feel of the yarn. It was wool and was very soft. Clare showed us all kinds of yarn. They actually loved the feeling of yarn.

Wy caught on pretty quickly. If he had had more time he could have really done a lot. Mi thought the needles were great swords or missiles or karate kid num-chucks. He actually said after Clare asked him if he could do it on his own. "I think you can do it for me."

Clare showed us around the shop and showed us the ball maker. The yarn is around a kind of stretcher and you attach a string of yarn to this gadget and turn the handle and it makes a ball of yarn. It was so cool, and so low tech and yet worked in a matter of minutes. How ingenious.

Mi has to have a turn too.
During the day we called their mama and talked to her and after they hung up talking to her they were kind of blue, but then they bounced back like a pair of Mexican Jumping Beans. I am not kidding. They could have been flubber for all the hi-jinks they pulled after that. I guess they are excited about seeing their parents.
Obi took them to play at a park and let me rest. Thanks Obi, you are the best!

After supper Juju helps make a dirt cake for tomorrow's fun day.

When you have to make a dirt cake you get to throw in a lot of gummy things. Yummy
After reading the last chapter in Wilderness Journey the boys head for bed. Flan gets home, Mr Green gets well and because of Flan's good job of getting the powder to the 'French lick,' the Indians are staved off and he gets to see his 'mam' and the trader tells the family how Flan saved them all. After we finished reading and we were asking how they enjoyed the book, Wy said he liked it "...and I'm still jealous of Flan." That is a great testament for the love of books.
Camp Meme will be closing tomorrow at 10 am.
All campers will be dismissed at that time.

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