Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camp Meme Day 5, Old Washington, Arkansas

A good day to see life back in the day!
The apple pie we made the night before. Very tasty especially with cream.

The day begins at Old Washington on their sidewalk made of wooden planks.

Inside the ceilings are really really really tall.

The goats are very friendly and want to have a snack. Oops not my hand!

Gardens are everywhere in their backyards. We got some mint.

' Bessie' was our living history guide for the Sanders House.

Look at the width of that porch. Oh yea look at the horses in the stable getting ready for buggy rides.

Carding Cotton to get it ready for spinning.

It is hard, but fun to see real cotton and it is soft.

A church for those of them that need it. Gee I wonder why these guys are standing outside waiting?

The gunnery shop. Our Wy knew more than the guide. Very knowledgeable.

The scrimshaw powder holder is very impressive.

The print shop is full of old presses. There is so much here it is a testament how important getting the news out is. The written word seems to have been most important even to a tiny town.
Here we go we are about to print out a newspaper!

A news man is born.

A fashion show and I am glad I don't have to wear this hoop skirt. It was hot, and thank goodness the planners of Old Washington looked into the future and provided for air conditioning.

A party dress or rather a party top and skirt. The top was separate and could be changed so it looked new.

The dress up factor is really fun!

This tree would have been fun to sit under.

The county courthouse.

"Oh no! I have been handcuffed!" I'm innocent I tell you, I'm innocent!"

"I am the judge and I say you are guilty until Meme gives us a treat."

Obi and the boys under the largest Magnolia tree in the state.

It truly is huge.

They really do plant real gardens in almost every yard.

Walking the log!

Just like Flan does in Wilderness Journey.

An all purpose room. 'Ticking' for the mattress came from straw and other dry weeds they gathered to stuff their mattress. The straw sometimes came with bugs. The mattresses were on a webbing of rope that had to be tightened every now and then. , "Sleep tight, don't' let the bed bugs bite."

You can tell it is getting near lunch time. The plastic fruit just looked too good.

At the Tavern we are ready to eat some vitiles. The newspaper man just couldn't resist reading at the table.

Chicken tenders are a hit no matter where they are served, especially when you have chicken gravy.

Boys get hungry when they are 'a larnin.'

Blacksmith shop last on the list.

Playing harmonica on the way home.
Flute playing also.

Chicken 'n' dumplings plus slaw for supper. Mmmmm good.
Reading Wilderness Journey to see if Flan can survive an attack by the 'injuns.'
"To bed to bed said sleepy head, oh no said slow."


Jemimah said...

i had never heard of that place. how cool!

The Park Wife said...

Stumbled upon our site from Arkansas State Parks on Facebook. Glad to see that Camp Meme came to Historic Washington. I hope you guys enjoyed your trip back in time.

The Park Wife


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