Friday, July 10, 2009

VBS day 4 Singing, Singing, Singing

Our VBS getting into the Boomerang Express Song.

My Workers are the best. First thing they ask me is if there is anything they can do for me. Wow! What a blessing.

The theme is Australia and we are focusing on sheep and of course The Lamb of God.

The Sheep puppets that we are making is fun. It is so much fun to see the people react to the sheep puppet. No matter if you are standing right in front of them, (adults and children alike), and they know you are talking, if your puppet is in their view and the puppet looks like it is talking to you you will react to the puppet not the person talking for the puppet. Amazing how we will suspend reality.

Rosalind and her posse.

So good to know we will see each other in Heaven.

Seems like we have Gremlins getting into the cool drinks. Not good!

Our Hallelujah -Praise ye the Lord ending.

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