Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today was a Gorpy day. I think my brother said that word first. If you think different, well too bad I am claiming it for him. Some things you just have to keep in the family. But even though it was Gorpy it reminds me how we need some time to be cocooned. Yesterday it rained freezing rain here in the southern part of Arkansas. Yes, we do have winter. It is called January. I'm not kidding. In February we will begin to have weather in the 70's. Oh it won't be all at once, but there will be days where the wasps come out, because the sun is so strong and warm. Green clumps of grass and pretty little spring flowers will be all over the place.
But today was a Gorpy day. Rainy, sorta, and cold sorta, and well just Gorpy. But, I had a good day. I stayed in and sewed. Again! On the curtains I am making for my daughter. Actually they haven't been that hard, but we have been on the road for nearly a week. Our friend Ann died, and my father-in-law has been gravely ill and well, we just have been busy away from the house. You might recall I am a Homebody . I also have been a substitute teacher here in our district, so today I had to get really far into the project, and I did. I will have pictures as soon as I finish.

Yesterday, during our run in with winter, I got out the turkey carcass that my son-in-law Nathan had saved for me from Thanksgiving. (thanks Nathan) Yes it was frozen, so don't do that worrying thing. I got my stew pot that holds way too much. I mean how much broth do two people really need? Whatever the freezer will hold, is how much. It is great, cause you can stew, and stew and stew. I put in the carcass, garlic, onion, and celery. Did you hear that the celery is really the thing that makes the chicken soup help with a cold. Imagine that! The lowly celery. Oh don't get me wrong, I love celery, especially the inside celery sticks that are the lightest. Mmmmmmm good. And I have even taught my grandsons to eat peanut butter smoothed on top of celery. One of the greatest after school pick me-ups a mom ever had. But all this time I thought it was the garlic. Maybe it is just synergistic.

But I digress. I stewed the turkey until there wasn't any thing left of that ole bird. The picture to the left says it all. That is what is left of the carcass. Then I strained it into another smaller pot, took some of the turkey meat off the bones and made some dumplings. Yes we had turkey and dumplings. But, just for reference I called it chicken and dumplings. But since today was a Gorpy day and my husband and I were on different eating schedules I heated up a bowl of delicious Chicken and Dumplings. I put it on the table, along with a cornbread muffin I had mixed up, fresh iced tea, (I don't like ice in my drinks during the winter, and hardly in the summer) a smiggen of my YeaHaw hot pepper jelly left in the jar and a wonderful meal was had by all. That would be me of course.

So even if you feel a day is Gorpy, enjoy what God has given you. It is Gorpy for a reason. And anyway you won't be able to change the weather, so change your attitude. You don't want to hear you mama saying, "Gorpy is as Gorpy does."


Heidi ( said...

Gorpy. Now that's a descriptive word! I'm bad, I don't remember ever cooking the turkey carcass to make stew, soup or dumplings! But your's sure sounded good!

J4 said...

You captured the day perfectly, sweetheart. And them was good dumplings!


mer said...

Yummmm...I can almost smell your stock cooking. I love "gorpy" days when I can stay inside and cook and read and bake. But I'm always glad when the sun comes back out.

I remember those February days when it's warm and sunny and almost springlike. And we're sorta/kinda having one's almost 60 degrees and beautiful. I'm heading out for a walk in a little while!

Enjoy your day!

vie chaotique said...

Blog friend of Jerusalem. Great girl that daughter of yours, a real keeper. I had a gorpy day today but for other reasons.

Rosemary said...

I think we had a gorpy weekend.
I love your word.
Stay warm and cozy,

Janet said...

Love that term, think I will adopt it. Here in New England it ought to come in really handy for many months of the year.

Thanks for stopping by!


BellaColle said...

oooh...can I steal that? Gorpy..
Not there yet..still in the dead of Winter till about April....yeah, end of March I can say it's Gorpy..
I like that!


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