Sunday, February 3, 2008


Our grandkids came to visit for the weekend. Here is what our oldest did.

My oldest grandson, age 7, had a "Museum" set up around the living room. Here is the Model Plane C130.

He also set up a "Tea set from Colonial Era 1776," on the table.

A "diarama" of Germany invading Poland.

A Pirate ship made of legos with pirates at the mast.

Treasure in t
he treasure chest.

World War II Helmet with gun and flag.

Red Confederate hat with a "spyglass."

Black Union hat with a cannon

My favorite is the first ever "game boy." A part off of a toy scooter.

Of course we had a great time. And we didn't even have to leave home.


Jerusalem said...

my brilliant creative boy is lucky to have such a great Meme who lets his imagination take over her house!

Christine/bellacolle said...

creativity and imagination sure does run in the family!!
I sure do love my visit..Please tell your grandson..=)


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