Saturday, January 5, 2008

Five totally acceptable weird things

Ok here is my first totally acceptable weird thing. Because today was the "putting Christmas away" day I must confess something. If you know me this will knock your socks off. I love to organize my Christmas decorations! Ok, it is out there. I don't know why I am unorganized in other areas, but when it comes to Christmas I know where every item is located. Just look at the first box I packed. It has what is packed in the box and is labeled Box A. I don't do this with any other items in my house, but I do it with Christmas. But, wait there is more, I also have index cards with the box letter and what is in each box filed in my card file. Yes, I am addicted to organizing my Christmas. I love the items I have. Just look at these funky 12 days of Christmas glasses. I began collecting them and now I always buy any I see, at the thrift store or at a garage sale. Anywhere. And since I have been collecting them for 30 years I still haven't had a complete set yet. But as Scarlett said (sorta), "I'll think about that tomorrow. After all tomorrow's another day!"

2)The second totally acceptable weird thing about me is I have no natural concept of time. Don't get me wrong, I do have a very natural and realistic concept of the future, weird huh?, but I have had to develop a real-life working concept of time. I was always late wherever I went and still I have to work on backing up my time machine to make sure I can leave early enough to get somewhere, but it is a habit learned. I am never without a watch, but this has come about only because I needed to know what time everyone else was working on, not because of some innate need for me.

3.) the third totally acceptable weird thing about me is I'm not in love with mushy shows, game shows, sitcoms, talk shows, or sports shows. I love funny, quirky shows like the hit "Ugly Betty." I love the characters, because they mix the real, Betty, with the "we hope they are really like that," Amanda. My all time favorite movie is "What's up Doc?" with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. It just has that crazy mix that makes it work. But the totally acceptable weird thing is I love News Shows. I am addicted to News. I have worn out the buttons on my remote where I flip from one News show to another. Who'd guess. Quirky and Newsy?

4.) The fourth totally acceptable weird thing about me is that I am always curious. I want to know why the sky makes these beautiful pictures. I took that picture at a stop sign thru the windshield on my way to Emmet. I don't want the answer to be just generic, I really want to know why does it happen and how does it happen. But it isn't just about clouds, it is about every thing. I want to know why. I am always looking, questioning, pondering who, what when where and how.

5.) The fifth totally acceptable weird thing about me is my need for clean clothes. Oh, I don't mean the usual need for clean clothes, I mean a real crazy need for clean clothes. I investigate cleaning supplies. I find them in the car care section of Walmart, or at the fabric store or at the back of a deep, deep discount store, where the items are dusty. (You know the place.) Yes, I had my kids start washing their clothes when they were 6 years old. They started off with towels and moved up to the big stuff. I always said when it came to Church clothes that I had two rules, "clean and not lewd." Most moms could understand the first, but didn't know how to do the second. My response was, "That is why I am the Mom." But, the totally acceptable weird thing about me is I'm not that way about any other thing. I was going to say "ask my kids." But please don't.


The Rose Room said...

Welcome to blogging Jerusalem's Mum:)

Jerusalem said...

What a great list! And so funny. You're not wierd, you're just drawn that way! Lol. I love the thing about time - it is sooo true and I didn't know if you knew it about yourself or not. Lol. Love you! Thanks for playing my game!

J4 said...



Rosemary said...

Hi again,
I love your list! I don't find it weird at all. I understand the clean thing. I am always excited about cleaning products.
I often wonder about the sky as well.

mer said...

Maybe some of your organization and cleanliness will rub off on me!

Hi Mrs. J (I'll keep your real name secret!)--I found your daughter's blog (don't know anyone else named Jerusalem!) through another blog friend of mine, which led me to yours. So fun to see you're a blogger too!

How ARE you guys?? Did you get our Christmas letter??

Love and blessings,

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness! I have a set of those 12 Days of Christmas glasses! I bought them because my mentor in high school (who was the queen of hospitality)had two sets (flat and round bottomed), and she used them year round so we would always know which glass was ours when everyone was hanging out in her home. She passed away about a year ago, and now my glasses mean that much more to me ~ they're my memento of her.

(I am planning a post in response to your book question... I figured two to three sentences wouldn't give a sufficient answer.)


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