Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Color Orange

Do you love colors? I do. I love all colors. That is why I love orange. I was looking at some of the things in my collection of fabric (you should read,"overwhelming pile of unused woven threads") and I was amazed at the collection of orange influenced fabrics I have and how much I really love orange. Look at this sheet which I bought at a local thrift store. You see what I mean.

I was amazed, because I don't wear orange. I have too much red in my skin, really, too much red. I have four children and only my son has the skin color I have. My two youngest daughters can wear orange and lime green. I don't remember ever seeing my oldest daughter in those colors, but if you put either of those colors on me it is horrible. I'm serious. It is terrible. So it is amazing to me that I am so drawn to orange.

The shower curtain in my bathroom are two vintage tablecloths sewn together and they are in the orange family.

I'm rather flummoxed about my love of orange. I'm flummoxed until I realize that I am orange. Have you ever noticed that you can't look away from orange? Go ahead try. You have to look at orange. You have to pay attention to orange.

With blue you can let it stay in the background. With red it speaks out loud, but you can look away. But not with orange. You have to look. You just have to. Yellow is playful and pink is sweetness. But orange is making a statement. I guess that is why the hippies loved orange. They would not be ignored.

And that is what made me realize I am orange. I don't want to be in the background. I don't want to be playful and I don't want to be speaking out loud. I just don't want to be ignored. If you look at the table cloth in the picture here you are drawn to the orange. It is not ignored. I love all colors and I love orange. Now you know me. You know that you should not ignore me. I am Orange!

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Jerusalem said...

you are orange! how great! it is so funny because I don't think I would have associated you with orange until this year when you said "I love color! I love funky colors!" and of course I imediately thought Orange!


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