Monday, December 31, 2007

Favorite Time of the Year

This is my favorite time of the year. Not just because of Christmas, a New Year and all the hoopla. This is my favorite time of the year because I get see sunsets. When we lived in Alaska during the winter months the sun set early and not in the west. Then in the summer it never set until 12 midnight. When we moved back to Arkansas I saw a sunset while driving across the I-30 bridge going south. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I think it was the most wonderful welcome home display I had seen from anyone. It always happens in mid July or early August after a really hard downpour, there is a magnificent display of sunset colors, as if the summer is saying "Don't worry this heat will not last forever, the fall will come and you will enjoy the world once again."

So I always try to make a trip around sunset over the bridge in July going south. If I time it right I can see reds, yellows, orange and brilliant blue grading to dark blue to clear skies with stars. I can see it, but I can't see it for very long , cause there are 18 wheelers bearing down on me. I see these vistas on bridges which is a bummer if you are driving, but good if you are in the passenger seat. These vistas are one of the things I love the best about Arkansas.


J4 said...

This is a lovely reminder, honey, that there is so much to love about Arkansas, where we are -- not just about the great places we've been, like Alaska and Florida. I love your ability to see beauty all around.

Your Blog will be a beautiful thing!


Jerusalem said...

Well it's about time!!!! Woo hoo! Welcome to blogland!

KJ said...

Welcome to blogland, "Momma" or "Mrs. Yo MJ!" Jerusalem sent me and I'm excited that you are here among us! My Mom doesn't have a blog, but she contributes regularly to mine. I love it!

I enjoyed your "sunset" story! I can't imagine having Alaskan winters and summers! I have friends in Sweden who are experiencing their long nights and it seems that they burn a lot of candles to create a bright mood. I have also been in Arkansas and it is beautiful! I can imagine what a gift it is for you!

Best Blessings!

Heidi ( said...

Hey, Yo MJ! Nice to "meet" you! I came over from your daughter's blog! I think you'll enjoy blogging, I sure do. Come on over and say "hi"!
Everyday Cookies blog

Janet said...

Yo MJ,

Welcome to the wonderful world o blogging. You will have a blast I am sure.

Jemimah said...

welcome to blogland!! glad to see another friendly face. can't wait to hear more!

cathymac said...

Yea! Another Arkansas blog! I'm adding you to my list! I'm in Benton, just down the road from you!!

Nice blog!!

Judea said...

Yay mom!
Welcome to the blogosphere!
You need to publish your comments though! I did it this time (lucky I know your password!)

Anyway woot for new blogging!

Rosemary said...

Welcome to blogland!!
Loved your post!
Visit me sometime,

Nathaniel said...

Quick, change your password!

disa said...

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