Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday & work

This is a flower arrangement that I made for my office. I wanted an arrangement that was happy and August looking, but not Autumn looking. So I put together this group of flowers.

This is my birthday present from my daughter Jerusalem. She had this in her living room and she blogged about it almost a year ago
and again just this June during her write up in the At Home in Arkansas magazine. But, alas she actually has too many items in her living room so I said to her before we picked up the boys to go on the cruise, "If you ever want to get rid of your chaise, I would love to have it." Because in our family we never, and I mean never, well maybe Jemimah will, but the rest of us never get rid of things. We just move them from home to home. Cause if you loved it once you might want to love it again. You just never know.
So she brought me the chaise. I had re-arranged my furniture in my bedroom on a piece of paper during our mini GG. So during my birthday luncheon I noticed J4 wasn't eating with us but was busy doing something else. I was shocked when I went into our bedroom and there he was rearranging the furniture, just like I had showed him on my tiny pieces of paper from the mini GGs."This is your birthday present!" Wow what a great guy!


Jessica said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Bedroom Chaise Lounge here…..

Jerusalem said...

so glad you love it!! i love to see furniture go to good homes where it can be properly loved : )
Your flower arrangement is loverly!

Jemimah said...

i love it too! it will be a nice place for you and your long legs to relax ;0) hehe. trust me if i was closer i might be part of the furniture exchange too. love ya!

J4 said...

You're a very inspiring wife! xoxoxox


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