Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Students Students Students

At the International Education Dept we often have students who fly hundreds of miles with just their clothes. Don't get me wrong, some can afford to get new items to dress up their dorms, but you can't fit knick knacks, lamps or baskets in a suitcase. So when an international leaves to go back home they often leave things for the next crew. Here we have three going thru boxes of items left by a former International Student to dress up their rooms. I put out an email to the internationals and in two hours it was all gone.

We also have student workers who work in our department. I make a list of things to get done during the semester. We have jobs that are housekeeping, running errands, paperwork, and fun things like actual designing and executing bulletin boards. One of the main jobs is for the workers to keep their boxes cleaned and tidy. One of our workers loves to decorate the boxes with cute name tags.

And one of our workers is a prankster. This "was" a ball made of rubber bands. But alas someone in our department dismantled it. Wasn't me!

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